Today’s energy management arena is aiming at deciphering new energy consumption patterns and implementing cost-saving strategies to generate business productivity and combat risks. Often schools, restaurants, and retail chains, which offer multifarious facilities, face various intricacies associated with managing energy, its economical utilization, and reduction of carbon footprint. “Energy’s a huge cost. Smart management is critically important for restaurants in terms of sustainability initiatives,” reveals Greg Fasullo, CEO, EnTouch Controls. Acknowledging the sheer volatility of energy costs and projected savings on energy bills, the businesses are leveraging IoT and smart energy management solutions to bring the same level of management in the energy consumption arena as other operations.

“It’s exciting to be in the energy management business because there is such a convergence of technologies—IoT, big data, data visualization and cloud-based services—that are delivering significant value to companies today.” Founded in 2009, EnTouch Controls, an energy management service company, evaluates the expenditure and consumption of energy by leveraging facility asset and energy intelligence solutions. “We help schools, restaurants, and retail brands to understand where they utilize energy and then minimize the usage accordingly. We show them where they spend money on energy and facilities and fundamentally where they can improve,” adds Fasullo.”

EnTouch 360 is a wireless, cloud-based solution installed at multi-site businesses for predictive or “targeted” energy analytics to dramatically boost efficiencies, tap into significant energy savings by trimming down energy consumption. “We can save an average of 14 percent of energy in a location that can result in millions of pounds of carbon dioxide. At the same time, our advanced HVAC controls reduce the peak demand on our electric grid allowing us to avoid peak time that potentially causes blackouts,” states Fasullo. As an easy-to-install wireless networking system, EnTouch 360 uses cellular networks without running additional wires or server installation.

We’ve helped our clients to reduce their energy footprint by 30 percent

With one intelligent dashboard, enterprises can measure and manage the amount of energy consumed by each of their facilities without allowing any unauthorized changes.

The company’s account management team monitors their customers’ facility performance 24x7, thus assisting them to avert a potential facility crisis. The command center also monitors automated refrigeration temperature, defrosts cycles and refrigeration data. “Our technicians monitor if the AC or lights are working properly or not. Our fully automated lighting solution includes astronomical scheduling, remote access, and external sensors and switches,” illustrates Fasullo.

EnTouch 360 assists its clients to enhance their facility performance proving new impetus to their customer experience. Chuck E Cheese, the national restaurant chain, was grappling with energy costs and HVAC runtimes. EnTouch Controls provided them HVAC, gaming and lighting optimization, thus assisting the facility to save $26.93 per night, which totals $9,829 per year. “We’ve helped our clients to reduce their energy footprint by 30 percent,” adds Fasullo.

With rising cost of food and labor, the energy management market is gaining momentum every year. MarketsandMarkets forecasts the energy management system market to grow to $59,212.1 Million by 2020. Pioneering the concept of Energy Management as a Service (eMaaS), EnTouch Controls gets a grip over the energy costs to make a difference on the bottom line. The company’s diligence to promote sustainability and drive ahead with technologically advanced IoT approach sets it apart from the other solution providers in the marketplace