Jeff White, P.E., President, ESI Inc. of TennesseeJeff White, P.E., President
Over the years, the energy industry has become very competitive, and organizations are vying to position themselves in this ever-increasing aggressive market while maintaining an environmental-friendly approach. As a result, companies have a constant strife to stay relevant, pursue sustainable energy, and reduce their carbon footprint. Many large organizations have made long-term investments in natural gas, biomass, or other energy sources. In essence, organizations are looking to become better environmental stewards by investing more and more in sustainable and reliable energy.

ESI is spearheading this change in the energy sector as one of the leading service and project execution-based solution providers in the steam, power, and energy industry. The company’s legacy goes back to 1978 when it started with small construction contracts to design and engineer tri-fuel coal fired boilers in North and South Carolina. Over the years, ESI has garnered the strength of its skilled design engineers as well as field and start-up engineers to design and build complete steam and power generation systems, including material handling, water treatment, air quality systems, and other utility auxiliary systems.

As an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Company, ESI focuses on engineering tasks with precision, exceeds constructability demands while maintaining maintenance with long-term operation reliability in mind. Staying true to its customer-centric approach, the company guides clients through the entire design and engineering process and manages the project from inception to completion. ESI’s engineers take the lead in purchasing all the equipment, managing the construction using the local labor force, commissioning the facility, and training the operators. ESI leverages emerging technologies in its project delivery methods to bring clients into full-scale operation. “Being a systems integrator, we combine various innovated technologies to produce the desired results for our customers,” states Jeff White, P.E., President of ESI.

Being a systems integrator, we combine various innovated technologies to produce the desired results for our customers

ESI places great emphasis on attracting the best talent in the marketplace and training them in the ‘ESI way.’ “The experience gained in the field by our engineers translates directly to our customers in terms of operation and maintenance savings,” adds White. The company also focuses on consistent communication with clients about the project’s ongoing status and the path to reach the end goals. To enable clients to meet their site-specific needs, ESI takes a technology-neutral stance by analyzing several technologies and then offering the best option to the client. ESI also creates project execution plans to help clients execute a specific solution, adhere to the required schedules, and track the project’s progress. ESI builds an amazing trust with our clients due to the amount of reporting and information delivered throughout the project, making ESI a reliable, transparent partner.

One of the projects that showcased the company’s commitment to helping clients achieve their sustainable energy goals was Recycled Energy Development (RED). Through several engineering feasibility studies, the company helped RED evaluate options to achieve a lower carbon footprint while offering competitive energy for the members of the business park. ESI executed the project by reutilizing all waterside and auxiliary utility systems, including existing steam turbine generators. It replaced the existing Pulverized Coal fired boiler with natural gas and provided additional high and low pressure package boilers, new electrical systems, and controls for the new equipment. The project was a huge success for the business park while being environmentally friendly. This is just one of many projects where ESI has enabled clients to execute complex projects efficiently.

ESI recently launched two new divisions to assist clients with their ever-changing needs. The first division is Project Controls, named Project Path Solutions which provides clients access to the proven project execution systems to ensure success in project completion. The company enables clients to apply the proprietary project controls and management systems and tools for developing a cohesive and well-thought-out execution plan resulting in a resource-loaded, duration-driven schedule. Once the plan has been developed, the focus shifts on supporting all project stakeholders’ needs, tracking progress, and updating progress in real-time. The second division is Industrial and Utility Services (IUS) that performs electrical testing, modifications, upgrades, retrofitting, modernizations, maintenance, and troubleshooting for high and medium and low voltage systems coast to coast. ESI’s IUS Division offers superior service backed by ESI’s Team of electrical engineers and experienced technicians. These trained field service agents support all vendors and offer outage support, emergency services, and maintenance contracts alongside supporting the electrical start-up of new systems.