Today more than ever, companies developing productive and enduring relationships refer to themselves as “partners” to differentiate the relationship with their clients. At a time when a business is as good as the partnerships it fosters, higher demand for building successful business relationships is evident. Although an easy word to use, what does it mean to truly be a partner? ETRMServices has an answer to this. Built on a belief that true success can only be achieved through a true partnership, “ETRMServices brings in a partnership-driven approach that is holistic in nature, which takes a 360-degree view of the client, the supplier, the energy community at large including ancillary members of the community. Helping companies accomplish their objectives as a whole—from a business as well as an IT perspective,” begins Vipul Chugh, CEO of ETRMServices.

While most service providers narrow down their focus on individual aspects of the energy business, they tend to create silos within the organizations and fail to meet the overall business needs. “The key to ETRMServices’ success lies in our ability to provide the right balance of business and technology skills that optimize the value of every asset,” says Chugh. Taking a holistic approach to driving value, ETRMServices deeply analyzes their client’s needs to identify the attention required for managing existing systems and incorporating latest trends in the energy sector. The company then calibrates and constructs a team that has the optimal combination of skills in terms of business, as well as legacy and emerging technologies. “Our business is built on providing a tailor-made service solution that adheres to the industry standards and is completely bespoke to the needs of the particular client,” he explains. The company allows clients to devote most of their efforts on maximizing returns from their legacy investments and utilizes the remaining efforts on emerging technologies or newer approaches to solving problems.

Endorsing a pragmatic and ownership-driven business model, ETRMServices solves a company’s unique problems by designing and implementing a solution that fits their exact requirement and ensures a seamless performance. Also, clients get the benefit of ETRMServices’ arsenal of highly experienced and well-rounded staff that has developed the requisite skill sets working with several energy companies for well over two decades in many cases.

The key to ETRMServices’ success lies in our ability to provide the perfect balance of business and technology skills that optimizes the value of every asset

These business and technology architects, or delivery managers, business analysts and IT experts assist the clients to single out and implement the best in forecasting and analytical tools, trading and clearing platforms, and compliance and data management solutions. “We have seen the industry go through good and bad times and technology trends come and go. Our mix of talent gives us a unique perspective on how to handle problems that you can’t find everywhere,” says Chugh.

ETRMServices’ efficacy in service implementation can be best explained with a case study where they helped a European energy company to transform their business. The client had approached ETRMServices after many years of efforts on implementing a trading and risk management solution. The client also struggled to swiftly adapt to the market changes that prevented them from engaging in new lines of business. ETRMServices executed multiple levels of software enhancements, allowing the client to efficiently implement rapid changes in the organization without disrupting the normal workflows. This also resulted in significant ROI as the transformation enabled the client to engage in multiple additional lines of business (commodities and instruments), and greatly expand the number of counterparties they operate with. The introduction of highly cohesive and non-siloed systems also helped the client decrease their error rates and end-to-end trade lifecycle throughput time significantly, ultimately, increasing their total trading volume and lowering the annual cost of ownership of their solutions.

Currently, ETRMServices has aggressive plans to increase its footprint regarding the number of systems and its presence across Europe, North America, and Asia. “While we increase our footprint, there will be no compromise on maintaining the high quality of service and talent that we are known for,” affirms Chugh.