With the increasing costs of energy usage, manufacturers are looking for new ways to curtail costs and track their current spends. However, most organizations only receive a total site bill, which gives no insight into how energy is being consumed. Moreover, manufacturers need to consider the mix of energy sources and indirect use in building services instead of separate management of the material flow, process control, and energy consumption. “In a dynamic production environment, it’s not enough to simply know where energy is used, it’s essential to combine that information with production data to understand how it is used,” says Dr. Bernard Kornfeld, founder and chief scientist, FactoryOne. As a proponent of sustainable manufacturing, FactoryOne brings together low-cost meters and sensors to create a highly detailed mapping of energy and resource consumption combined with actual production data, machine routings, and environmental monitoring. The company provides visualization, opportunity identification, prioritization, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and simulation to improve process execution and production efficiency. “We are on a mission to transform the way companies view and act on energy and resource consumption, helping them reduce the cost of production.”

FactoryOne delivers metering and monitoring systems and analytics to analyze energy demand and resource consumption in real time as opposed to implementing large-scale systems with high investment and operating costs. The implementation process begins with installing a plug and play hardware into the client’s existing infrastructure. The newly introduced hardware extracts relevant data from the client’s IT systems such as ERP and SCADA and provides recommendations for improvement and assessments of existing processes via a factory simulation that is executed using the collected data. The company provides a what-if analysis to predict the effect of production strategies on both economic and environmental objectives and derive optimal settings for production through the integration of simulation and the data collected from optimization processes.

FactoryOne combines non-invasive metering with client’s existing SCADA, ERP, and Wi-Fi communications to deliver an on-premise or cloud solution. The company measures the performance of client’s production infrastructure to drive continuous process improvement to maximize energy efficiency.

We are on a mission to transform the way companies view and act on energy and resource consumption, helping them reduce the cost of production

They provide an enterprise-wide view of all facilities, including the performance of each location in terms of energy consumption with customized KPIs, enabling the management to assess the current status and take actions if necessary. Manufacturers can benefit from a continuous as-is analysis that fosters realistic production process and product-oriented allocation of energy demand and resource consumption.

In FactoryOne’s four decades of combined manufacturing and industrial experience, they have partnered with universities for advanced research, and have gained expertise in machine learning and predictive analytics. With such comprehensive innovation strategy, the company has transformed process challenges into cost savings. They boast of their unique ability to show energy consumption as direct cost of production—per product, per unit. In addition, they leverage a rapid prototyping approach that allows clients to comprehend its value proposition and initiate their success journey. For instance, With FactoryOne’s assistance, an aluminum production company has reduced the energy consumption by 45 percent, and another client, a pharmaceutical production company has improved their energy performance by 51 percent.

FactoryOne is looking forward to balance increasing demand with ongoing product improvements and seamless delivery. In tandem, the company is planning to introduce the next generation AI to reduce data processing load and improve results prediction. They are also focusing on implementing additional integration capabilities in its hardware to integrate with multiple backend systems of clients. With such enhancements, FactoryOne will continue treading toward its goal of “attaining a sustainable future for manufacturing.