Carsten Schmieding, Executive Director, FRANKE-FilterCarsten Schmieding, Executive Director
FRANKE-Filter is a German-based industrial company specialised in manufacturing high quality, custom-designed Oil Mist Eliminators. Through its journey since 1989, the company has seen several challenges the power plant providers face with the growing concern towards the environment and health hazards such as respiratory issues and skin diseases caused by the exposure to airborne oil mist. And, operators also need to protect their resources, especially fossil raw materials, as they comply with environmental requirements. Witnessing these challenges, FRANKE-Filter has manufactured a filtration system which efficiently eliminates mist from the exhaust air of the lube oil system of rotating machines. As Oil Mist Eliminators, also called Oil Mist Separators, from FRANKE-Filter have a filtration efficiency of 99.9 per cent at a particle size of 0.1μm, they comply with almost all environmental protection regulations worldwide. The Oil Mist Eliminators by FRANKE-Filter protect not only the environment but also the health of the employees. Besides these important aspects, the company contributes to machine safety in the form of fire protection.

FRANKE-Filter, being the only company focusing exclusively on Oil Mist Separators manufacturing with high expertise and having more than 30 years of experience, benefits the customer with an “all-in-one” package. Concerning the products, FRANKE-Filter offers robust, high-quality Oil Mist Eliminators. It manufactures precisely designed filters, each tailored to the customers’ requirements. Ranging from different mounting options to the possibility of using the Oil Mist Separators in explosion protection areas, FRANKE-Filter is able to custom-design each filter. As the company produces according to different foreign certifications such as ISO9001, EAC, ASME, ATEX, and more, FRANKE-Filter guarantees the highest quality standards for its clients while being able to deliver solutions worldwide.

Carsten Schmieding, Executive Director of FRANKE-Filter, remarks that the company designs, manufactures, and works in Germany while distributing the filtration systems worldwide and offering consistent and individual advice and support for each customer. Further, it provides on-site customer service and maintenance by qualified personnel.

Our Oil Mist Eliminators save expensive oil as it can be reused without the loss of any additives.

Schmieding explains the working of the Oil Mist Separators from FRANKE-Filter by stating that the devices ensure a very high filtration due to a generated vacuum leading to the suction of the oil mist. The required vacuum can be adjusted individually via the admixed air valve, which is included in every filter. Once the oil is sucked in, the eliminators work according to the coalescence effect and lead the sucked air into numerous highly-efficient microfibre filter elements. This process ensures the gathering of the tiniest oil particles on the microfiber to flow down by gravity. The collected oil at the bottom of the filter is led back to the lube oil tank via a return pipe. And Schmieding remarks on the cost-effective solution as, “Our Oil Mist Eliminators save expensive oil as it can be reused without the loss of any additives. Further, original filter elements from FRANKE-Filter provide up to 30,000 hours of continuous operation while ensuring high separation efficiency.”

With such ingenuities and the long-standing experience in building Oil Mist Separators, FRANKE-Filter caters to organisations of different sizes across the globe. FRANKE-Filter Oil Mist Separators are installed worldwide in applications ranging from the upstream and midstream to the downstream sector for all types of rotating equipment, like gas and steam turbines, compressors, gas and diesel motors, generators and hydraulic applications. The company also offers a special solution for hydro turbines by developing a component that helps to filter up to five bearings simultaneously – simplifying the filtration in hydro or pump-storage power plants.

Moving towards a successful future, FRANKE-Filter meets the upcoming trends such as the maintenance-free operation, and the automatic operation without human supervision by installing a frequency converter which will monitor and adjust the vacuum automatically. With these unique functionalities, the company continues to strive to achieve its mission to deliver clean air worldwide.