Marc Sima, Co-founder and President , FUELSAVE GmbH - Green TechnologyMarc Sima, Co-founder and President
Transporting 90 per cent of the world’s trade in physical goods, Marine freight is the least emission-intensive way of moving cargo, accounting to 3 percent of global emissions and 10 percent of transport emissions. Despite the adversity, the shipping industry was left unchecked, until, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) ruled to limit sulphur emissions in the "Global Sulphur Cap" by 2020. Herewith, the quest for a cleaner and more energy efficient combustion technology took a new turn.

While the shipping industry is striving to find a way to reduce harmful emissions without compromising on OPEX & efficiency, FUELSAVE GmbH—an energy efficiency enhancement company—is offering its patented solutions to address the shipping industry’s environmental concerns while increasing its profitability and OPEX cost savings. FUELSAVE's patented solution FS MARINE+ is an easy to deploy, patented retrofit solution that features a hydrogen syngas generator, which dynamically combines different processes of gas and water-methanol injection to improve engine's combustion efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and cut down emissions.

“We believe that only economical viable solutions can drive sustainable transformation. FUELSAVE’s retrofit solution for maritime vessels increases profitability while reducing the carbon footprint, ultimately, generating high impact & ROI in a short time,” says Marc Sima, the Co-founder and CEO of FUELSAVE.

FS MARINE+ dynamically induces hydrogen, oxygen, water and methanol into three different parts of the combustion engine’s air intake. This catalyzes the existing fuel to combust more efficiently, extracting more energy in the process. Additionally, FS MARINE+ increases the longevity of lubrication oil through a cleaner & more thorough combustion and controls the overall temperature to reduce NOX emissions. Primary fuel can be substituted partially by a cheap and clean-burning alcohol distillate, as a renewable-carbon-neutral e-fuel to support a clean-fuel transition and de-carbonization of shipping & other industries. FS MARINE+ reduces the shipping industry's reliance on costly dirty fossil fuel, saves OPEX costs, enhances the engine's lifetime and minimizes maintenance costs, all this while addressing the industry's environmental challenges.
FS MARINE+ solution has been field-tested and approved by DNV GL as the world’s first technology of its type with an on-board hydrogen generator and on-demand dynamic & load-based gas & liquid injection mechanisms. To further elaborate FUELSAVE's current achievements, Sima recollects working with a major ship management company. After more than two and half years of operation without an incident delivered by FUELSAVE's FS MARINE+, the client witnessed 25% gross & 16% NET cost savings of the reduction in fuel consumption across wide range of dynamic loads. FS MARINE+ enabled noticeably reduced vibrations and lower exhaust smoke emissions. Furthermore, the FS MARINE+ has been proven to maintain the engine’s lube oil quality at a constant level even after over 1500 running hours. Before installing FS MARINE+, the company was required to change the engine’s lube oil every 500 hours. Now, along with a reduction in fuel consumption, FS MARINE+ helped the client achieve a positive ROI in a short period of time. FS MARINE+ accounts in average for the reduction of 8-15% Co2, 40% PM, 50% NOx, 33% Black Carbon emission while helping the company achieve a 16% NET fuel cost savings and 20% in NET OPEX savings. Upon successful trials with FUELSAVE, this is what the client had to say: “We have tested a prototype on a generator engine of our MV Annette over more than two years with very convincing results. The FS MARINE+ system not only achieved significant fuel savings, but also emission and air pollution reductions, which were verified by 3rd parties both during field trials and in laboratory tests.”

One of Europe’s leading research and development institutes and laboratories in combustion engines and thermodynamics— FVTR—confirmed that FUELSAVE's energy-efficient solutions cause no harm to the operating engine; and that ships installed with FS MARINE+ may exceed IMO tier II regulations. The company received two SEALs of excellence by the EU Commission and FUELSAVE and FS MARINE+ is being funded under the EU Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 Framework Program for Research and Innovation, as a TOP SME in Europe.

With patents in 11 fields, FUELSAVE is currently embarking on a journey to develop market defining advanced waste heat recovery systems (WHRS), long-duration energy storage solutions, pressure recovery systems, and new types of multi-fuel combustion engines with gas (hydrogen / ammonia / methane) and liquid (ethanol / methanol) injections, based on FUELSAVE's FS ENGINE+ the worlds most efficient pneumatic engine validated with TÜV.