Mikko Ahro, CEO, GasmetMikko Ahro, CEO
It all started back in 1990 when the Finnish manufacturer of shelters, blast resistant and gastight doors, Finntemet Oy, saw a dire need for advanced emission monitoring equipment and acquired Scanoptics’ Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) business. At the time in Finland, builders and property managers were obligated to include a shelter in buildings that exceeded a specific size threshold. Naturally, the quality of air inside these shelters became a concern. But there were no emission monitoring equipment in the marketplace that allowed one to oversee and control the quality of air inside. On top of that, as new environmental legislation and directives started coming into effect, the demand for emission monitoring equipment grew quickly. This led the conglomerate’s management team to found Gasmet, a leading FTIR gas analyser and emission monitoring system provider. Gasmet sold its first FTIR gas analyser in 1993, and the technology’s immediate success and wide applications led the company to expand its operations to Europe and the U.S.

In the years that followed, Gasmet’s journey around the world continued. Today, it has grown into one of the leading companies that offer high-tech, certified, continuous emission monitoring solutions for all crucial gas compounds worldwide. Mikko Ahro, Gasmet’s CEO, says, “We are a high technology company that designs and manufactures world-class gas analysis and emission monitoring solutions to measure gaseous emissions emitted from industrial processes, gases released from natural sources into the atmosphere, and gases present at working environments. We contribute to keeping people safe and the environment clean by providing reliable and accurate cutting-edge measurement technologies.” Till date, Gasmet has distributed over 5,000 devices around the world, covering more than 80 countries.

Robust and Unparalleled Monitoring Solutions

Gasmet offers a portfolio of innovative solutions, including a continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS), a continuous mercury monitoring system (CMM), and a system for Dioxin sampling (GT90 Dioxin+). Gasmet has over 30 years’ experience working with FTIR and other gas analysis technologies and all of its solutions are 100 percent Gasmet’s own DNA. Gasmet’s CEMS II e is a complete continuous emission monitoring solution with TÜV and MCERTS certifications (QAL1). The system has a flexible design with versatile integration options, which makes it easy to transfer any information to automation and reporting systems. It is designed for continuous measurement of pollutants from hot, wet, and corrosive gas streams, and is applicable in a wide range of industrial processes, including waste incineration, power plants, cement plants, raw gas measurements, and fertiliser and nitric acid production.

“Our CMM AutoQAL, on the other hand, is the market’s only TÜV and MCERTS certified solution with an automatic and truly integrated QAL3 validation tool for continuous monitoring of mercury emissions,” informs Ahro.
The equipment performs automatic QAL3 validation checks quickly and easily without any additional costs or manual work (achieving remarkable money and time savings compared to other solutions). Moreover, the system consists of a heated dilution probe with a two-stage blowback system that ensures durability and low maintenance of the system even in demanding conditions. “What makes it unique is the fact that it is a ‘future-proof solution,’ meaning even if emission limits change in the future, CMM AutoQAL will be able to tackle it,” adds Ahro. Despite the modern and efficient industrial gas purification systems, industrial plants may discharge small amounts of pollutants that are harmful to health and the environment. Gasmet’s continuous emission monitoring systems help keep emissions at a set level, ensuring better air quality for all.

We Are Always Keen On Knowing What Is Going On In The Field Of Gas Analysis And Monitoring Requirements, Striving To Design Future-Proof Technology For Reducing Emissions And To Meet The Strictest Monitoring Requirements

Besides, the firm’s MCERTS certified Dioxin sampling system, GT90 Dioxin+, is a system designed specifically for the long-term sampling of dioxins, furans, and other persistent organic pollutants (POPs). It represents the cutting-edge technology for dioxin sampling and fulfils all requirements of the dioxin measurement standard. In addition to these stationary systems, Gasmet offers a portable emission monitoring system DX4000 (MCERTS certified), which acts as an emergency backup unit to ensure that there is no possibility of expensive downtime. DX4000 is also the smallest FTIR emission monitoring system in the world and widely used in stack testing application.

In essence, all of Gasmet’s solutions for power plants help prove to the authorities that the plant is performing within the conditions of its environmental permit and that the owners run their operations in a sustainable way without risk of interruptions. “Emission monitoring isn’t just about process optimisation. For power plants, it is about meeting the monitoring requirements, not exceeding certain gas emission levels, and operating according to the emission monitoring standards,” explains Ahro. Plants need a system that ensures compliance, and one they can trust (long-term reliability). As long as the system operates smoothly, the plant operator is happy. And, that is precisely the benefits Gasmet brings to the table.

Industry-Leading Monitoring Capabilities

In an instance, Gasmet’s CEMS solutions were used to demonstrate to the UK Environment Agency that the Thetford power plant was performing optimally as well as the data from the solution was helping manage the plant.
Gasmet FTIR technology was chosen for the Thetford plant because of its ability to monitor multiple gases simultaneously. “Individual gas readings are displayed in almost real time in the control room,” says plant manager, Andrew Corbyn, “which enables our staff to respond quickly to the changes resulting from variations in our feedstock. This ability to continually adjust the process ensures that we operate the plant efficiently—generating maximum renewable energy while maintaining a good clean burn.”

“From Engineering to Manufacturing and Marketing with a Global Presence, It’s 100 Percent Gasmet’s DNA”

Mergers and acquisitions also play an increasingly critical role in Gasmet’s success. In 2019, Gasmet was strategically acquired by Nederman Group, the global leader in industrial air filtration. As a part of this deal, the Gasmet brand will continue to operate as before, and its technologies will be integrated into Nederman’s solutions and the Nederman Insight application and digital ecosystem.

The Gasmet Difference and the New Path Forward

Another significant aspect of Gasmet is its ‘buy and forget’ philosophy. When someone chooses Gasmet, they select years of expertise and know-how, guaranteed ROI, and ease of mind—combined with world-class, reliable technology while maintaining compliance. Clients gain a partner who is dedicated to preserving nature, reducing emissions, and promoting safety. “Our tagline: ‘Know What’s In the Air,’ not only explains what a user can achieve when they use Gasmet’s technology but also tells about us as a company,” asserts Ahro.

Furthermore, by manufacturing all of its products in-house, Gasmet maintains firm control not just over the quality of its offerings but also the costs because there are no extra margins for outsourced sub-contract manufacturers. The quality of the products is further reinforced by the investment that has been made in performance verification and certification. “From engineering to manufacturing and marketing with a global presence, it’s 100 percent Gasmet’s DNA,” adds Ahro. The company has a distributor network spanning more than 80 countries, with carefully chosen and trusted partners who are fully committed to its business and share Gasmet’s values.

Forging ahead, Gasmet will continue to provide high-quality monitoring technology to help businesses reduce and manage their emissions and ensure safety at the workplace. “We are always keen on knowing what is going on in the field of gas analysis and monitoring requirements, striving to design future-proof technology for reducing emissions and to meet the strictest monitoring requirements. We truly believe that by delivering each Gasmet solution, we are taking a step closer to a greener and safer future,” wraps up Ahro.