The energy sector has witnessed major contamination threats for air, water and waste in regards to environmental sustainability. Fortunately, regulatory requirements and auditing programs have helped reverse these trends that energy firms can now take control of with their environmental compliance and sustainability performance. “With Gensuite technology, energy companies gain the capabilities they need to ensure a compliant, sustainable and efficient business,” explains R. Mukund, Founder and CEO, Gensuite. “Our environmental compliance, sustainability management and mobile-centric analytics platforms allow users to track their operational metrics and sustainability footprint with simple to use dashboards and powerful data analytics,” he adds.

Our platform allows enterprises to systematically and seamlessly collect data on usage of electricity, fossil fuels, water, waste generation, and more

The Gensuite sustainability and energy management software suite focuses on enabling individual operations to reduce their carbon footprint. “Our platform allows enterprises to systematically and seamlessly collect data on usage of electricity, fossil fuels, water, waste generation, and more,” says Mukund. This data can be analyzed in a manner that allows organizations to identify conservation opportunities, enable carbon disclosure reporting, facilitate calculations of emission and develop annual sustainability reports efficiently and accurately. The platform also provides distributed enterprises to connect individual operating sites with headquarters, so that stakeholders can assess both the aggregate and individual footprints, and formulate reduction strategies.

One Gensuite client is a multinational electric utility company. The company uses Gensuite mobile technology extensions that enable its field technicians to collect environmental impact data on avian and bat strikes at distant wind farms. “Our mobile-centric applications have enabled a seamless connection between onsite technicians, management and the environmental function, to ensure that regulatory requirements are being addressed together with corporate sustainability commitments,” explains Mukund. Field technicians at this client are now able to record more information using Gensuite solutions than their earlier process of manual data recording, followed by later electronic transcription. With more accurate data and analytics, the client can enhance its processes, delivering compliance and sustainability.

The energy industry is conditioned by regulatory laws, which obligate firms to operate by the book. “But these laws keep changing, posing challenges for firms to adapt their IT systems to the new rules and standards,” indicates Mukund.

“Our cloud-based compliance solution evolves continuously to reflect both the latest regulatory requirements, as well as best practice management systems for achieving compliance and sustainable resource utilization.” The platform has an integrated mobile-centric compliance calendar application that allows firms to organize compliance tasks on the calendar and provides automated email alerts to avoid failures. “With alerts, stakeholders can track the processes that fall out of the compliance zone and take the necessary steps in a timely way,” says Mukund.

water, waste generation, and more
Other than compliance issues, preventing on-site accidents is another major task for the energy industry. For such instances, Gensuite’s incident management platform enables companies to report and follow-up on incidents occurring in the field. From vehicle mishaps, to oil spills, bat-strikes on wind turbines and more, stakeholders can assess every situation from occurrence to resolution using Gensuite’s mobile-centric incident management solution.

Gensuite’s core commitment is to build innovative platforms for customers that have unique value propositions and simple-to-use, yet resilient architecture. “Every company could have a different approach toward their sustainability programs. That is why we ensure that we understand our customer’s needs and challenges before presenting our products and showcasing how we can assist,” adds Mukund.

Going forward, Gensuite will continue to make strides in the mobile, cloud and data analytics space to expand its services footprint in the energy industry. This vision helps increase resilience of each client’s sustainability and compliance programs, and empowers energy firms to experience profitable growth with reduced environmental impacts.