Piotr D Moncarz, CEO, Geothermic Solutions, Geothermic Solution LLCPiotr D Moncarz, CEO, Geothermic Solutions
It is a no-brainer that clean energies play a pivotal role in freeing the planet from catastrophic climate change due to man’s energy dependence on pollutive-carbon sources. While the momentum is in favor of green energy, GeoHeat resources are still an untapped potential laying beneath our feet. Considering the abundance of the heat stored in the Earth’ rock formation, it is imperative to unlock this resource using efficient technologies to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. However, existing geothermal technologies have several downsides that historically undermined their potential to scale, and to become a meaningful contributor to global energy. They deplete the groundwater resources by removing hot water or steam from the ground. Also, the potential risks for seismic hazards and water contamination are high.

Turning the tables in this regard is California-based Geothermic Solution (GSL). The company brings to the table a unique patented GeoHeat™ Harvesting Technology to access ubiquitous subsurface heat that yields geothermal energy. The company offers a fuel-free, lowest-cost, fastest-to-market solution for reliable, inexhaustible baseload energy worldwide. “We would like to participate in solving the Earth’s biggest problem – phasing out fossil fuels while at the same time utilizing the talent, experience, and technology developed over more than a century by the oil and gas industry, with our unique environmentally sound solution,” says Piotr D Moncarz, CEO, Geothermic Solutions. Unlike the typical intermittencies associated with solar and wind energy resources, geothermal plants can run around the clock. Also, it does not incur weather contingency, greater land area, and energy storage costs. Even nuclear energy sources are fuel sensitive and phenomenally expensive to install -not to mention issues around public acceptance. Current renewables on the table have a long way to go to displace fossil fuels.

GSL uses modern drilling techniques to penetrate deep hot rock formations at 350°C at shallow depths of 3-7km. It leverages multiple closed-loop heat harvesters that use water to absorb heat at depth, bring it to the surface, and circulate the same water continuously. The company uses patented thermo-conductive materials for accelerating underground heat transfer to the harvester. Further, stateof- the-art insulating materials ensure no material heat loss in the inner return tube.

Be it for identifying ideal geo-locations with geological expertise, reaching the reservoirs via advanced drilling technologies, installing the closed-loop system, harvesting the geothermal energy, and orchestrating above-ground applications, GSL has undertaken strategic partnerships with industry leaders and specialized technology partners.

We would like to participate in solving the Earth’s biggest problem – phasing out fossil fuels - with our unique environmentally sound solution for inexhaustible and reliable energy

GSL thereby offers breakthrough benefits in tapping geothermal energy resources, including zero emissions, absence of contaminants, and water conservation. Also, it eliminates interior abrasion, corrosion, seismicity, and hazards from chemical leaching. Unspoiled land can be preserved in its natural state instead of it staying committed to intermittent renewable generation. The energy potential of really hot water retrieved by GSL is thrice that of current and enhanced geothermal technologies that nearly never can’t effectively go beyond 220°C. “We are creating an effective integration of existing technologies to access inexhaustible, reliable and cheap renewable energy-fueled world; and this is within reach now,” adds Moncarz.

By assembling off-the-shelf technologies in a unique and proprietary way, GSL is en route to grab the attention of the mega-leaders in energy space, e.g.,Terrapower, Blackstone, DoE, Mitsubishi, EdF, ADIA, Saudi green initiative funds, and many other entities. The company aims to make non-exclusive alliances with global enterprises that are best positioned to implement their technology quickly. Moncarz mentions that such potential partnership with entities from the entire world carries the promise to answer the challenges of our time. “It is a perfect solution for California’s decarbonization strategy, for supply of local energy to Hawaiian Islands, to address Japan’s post-Fukushima electricity supply, to help Saudi Arabia in building a modern economy that is much greener than what they have today,” he adds.

With world-class experts bringing decades of know-how from the geothermal and Oil and Gas industries, GSL is ready to install its proprietary technology for its potential clients. The company envisions using its technologies to provide Giga watt-level energy capacity within five years. The current stage is focusing on installation of the calibration well. This engages proprietary drilling, tubing and insulation technologies to create a heat harvester, in which water is circulating in a closed loop, and brings heat energy to power plants on the surface. “We are currently looking for partners with whom we will be able to rapidly deploy GeoHeat power plants. With those unique capabilities, we strive towards our goal of revolutionizing global energy supply with break through climate impact,” concludes Moncarz