Salvatore Ritorto, a Partner and Executive Vice President, GREENCROWN Energy & WaterSalvatore Ritorto, a Partner and Executive Vice President
The world of energy management has evolved in such a way that today, more than ever, it is critical to have a multi-pronged and sustainable approach. Any firm unwilling or unable to offer ongoing, active energy management can’t sustain growth and capture market share in this dynamic energy procurement environment. That’s why commercial and industrial customers expect a lot more from their energy brokers, aggregators, and consultants (ABCs) than just gathering procurement data and negotiating supplier products and prices.

Founded in 2007, Greencrown Energy & Water is driven by the mission of becoming the nation’s most trusted and professional energy risk management and water advisory firm. The company’s team stands apart from the ubiquitous ABC model as they focus on two primary drivers: executing upon its mission statement and a relentless focus on a simple and transparent solution. This helps customers reduce energy spend, decrease consumption, and drive sustainability. “Our leadership team had several conversations to shape what truly set us apart from our peers, and we landed on trust and professionalism as being our key value drivers from a non-product/service standpoint,” says Salvatore Ritorto, a Partner and Executive Vice President at Greencrown Energy & Water.

Greencrown specializes in energy supply and turnkey conservation measures. Since its inception, the company has grown into an industry-diverse leader and national provider of energy supply procurement, energy efficiency, conservation, and sustainability solutions—primarily servicing middle-market and large enterprise clients, with a focus on multiple-location facilities.

While establishing and maintaining trust with customers is a top priority for Greencrown, they realized during their recent restructuring that an all-encompassing and transparent energy and water management strategy was rarely well executed in today’s marketplace.
To this end, Greencrown has developed a procurement solution that simplifies energy and water management through technology and a comprehensive approach to all things energy. “Our business units were reorganized to focus on three core objectives, which are to reduce energy spend, decrease energy/water consumption, and drive sustainability,” mentions Ritorto. To complement those new initiatives and promote transparency around its value proposition, Greencrown introduced its UtilityROI™ Utility Management Platform.

Our team stands apart from the ubiquitous ABC model by focusing on two primary drivers: executing upon our mission statement and our relentless focus on simple and transparent energy and water management solutions for our customers

UtilityROI™ is a segment-defining SaaS solution that automates the utility monitoring and management process by enabling customers to audit existing electricity, natural gas, and water consumption. It offers customers the ability to quantify and justify their return on investment for efficiency projects by providing real-time visibility via measurement and verification tools while also offering unrivalled access to energy, demand, sustainability, and KPI reporting. Rather than leveraging proposals and manual utility monitoring to determine the ROI of any efficiency or conservation investment, clients can now track the ROI of a project in real-time via the UtilityROI™ software. “The platform has enabled us to strengthen our value proposition by helping customers save time, money, and conserve resources while simplifying their energy and water investment decisions,” says Ritorto. In addition to helping customers manage risk, the platform has robust sustainability reporting capabilities, with options to export data to reporting tools like ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager to meet local benchmarking compliance.

What differentiates Greencrown is its constant quest to evolve. The company’s leadership team is always open to strategies that make sound business sense. Greencrown’s current growth strategy relies upon attracting and retaining top talent. As part of State Fair Group’s 30-company portfolio of firms with mutual ownership, the team is constantly exposed to and able to capitalize on talent in a variety of areas. We are always hiring and seeking the next key player(s) as we continue to grow. “We live by the “first who, then what” philosophy. We are proud of our talented team and always prioritize ability when seeking growth or direction, as opposed to finding an exact fit on paper for each role or initiative. This approach has been working for us, but as we continue to grow, other growth and talent acquisition strategies are being considered,” concludes Ritorto.