Thomas Wikberg, CEO , Heimdall PowerThomas Wikberg, CEO
Grid operators face immense pressure to meet stakeholder and customer demands for more power, while at the same time lowering costs, emissions and driving efficiency gains. To meet the evolving requirements around reliability and resiliency, grid operators must have real-time information about grid conditions.

This is where Heimdall Power comes in.

“Using sensors and software, we help operators safely increase the capacity of their overhead power lines.” says Thomas Wikberg, CEO of Heimdall Power.

The cost and effort to digitalize the grid can become a stumbling block for grid operators. Heimdall Power combines the clout of sensors, cloud software, and AI to make the transformation swift, cost-effective, and effortless.

Its mission and vision are rooted in the name of the company itself; Heimdall, the half-god in Norse mythology with extrasensory abilities. Similar to how Heimdall identifies dangers beforehand, Heimdall Power’s state-of-the-art AI-driven tools are all-knowing, sensing inconsistencies in the grid and enabling operators to detect and resolve problems before they become severe.

Central to its solution is the Heimdall Neuron, an intelligent, circular multi-vector sensor weighing about 3.5 kg. The sensors can be installed on power lines in many ways, with an insulated pole enabling installations without turning of the current. To make the installations safer for personnel, Heimdall Power is also developing their own drone for installation on energized power lines. Recently, they have also developed a virtual version of their Neuron, further enhancing the scalability and easiness of implementing their solutions on a larger scale.
These Virtual Neurons are tailor-made to meet the FERC order 881, requiring AAR (Ambient Adjusted Rating) to be implemented on all power lines in the US before 2025. Building on data from physical sensors out in the power grid, Heimdall Power are able to take their virtual Neurons to the next level.

The data collected by both the physical and virtual Neurons are sent to the software solution Heimdall Cloud, hosted on Microsoft Azure. Here, data from the Neurons is validated, processed and turned into insights for users to view, or to integrate directly with other operational systems like SCADA and EMS systems through an API. Since Heimdall Power’s solutions are SaaS-based, users can benefit from over-the-air updates, which means always having access to the latest features and updates, without spending big bucks.

Arva, a Norwegian distribution grid operator, leveraged Heimdall Power’s expertise to increase their use of the existing grid capacity, enabling the connection of a new wind park. The facility expected energy production of 250MW from the wind farm, while it was only allowed to deliver 190MW into the grids, due to grid congestions. Arva was therefore considering to build a new power line to extract the additional capacity, which would have cost them 30 million euros and taken more than five years to complete.

Using sensors and software, we help operators safely increase the capacity of their overhead power lines

Instead of going ahead with this very costly and time-consuming solution, Arva mounted eight Neurons from Heimdall Power to measure the actual capacity of the lines in question. Data from the Neurons showed that the grid could handle more load, and Arva increased the capacity limit of the line to 240MW in just six weeks. They also experienced that when the wind farm produce at its maximum, the line is furthered cooled by the wind and is therefore able to carry even higher volumes of electricity from the wind farm. Thus, no curtailment of the wind farm is expected going forward.

The Neuron is a sensor platform and can also include other sensors that could be of interest to grid companies and help understand risk of wildfires, noise on the lines, risk for failures, and the general tear and wear of the power lines.

With their tools and features, Heimdall Power help grid companies move swiftly towards smarter and greener technologies. This shift will be seamless as it is a self-sufficient company taking care of everything, from sales to sensor design and R&D.

Heimdall Power have already deployed hundreds of sensors to 23 clients across 12 European countries. Now they are making their inroads into the American market.