Varoon Sankar, CEO, Hi-Tech ConsultingVaroon Sankar, CEO
Founded in 2021, Hi-Tech Consulting provides technology based drilling and data-based optimization solutions that the vast majority of oil and gas industries lacked for decades.

In the oil and gas sector, small and mid-sized organizations are often found struggling to leverage cutting edge AI/ML, data analytics, and automation solutions owing to resource constraints. That’s why they oftentimes look at SMEs to share their expertise in areas such as directional drilling, mud engineering, and cementing to broaden the knowledge of personnel both in the field and the office. But the problem with an SME lies not in the person itself but in what that person is limited to.

Hi-Tech Consulting was conceptualized to bridge this gap by helping oil and gas companies capitalize on the digital revolution with customized data solutions. The company’s solutions are powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, process automation, and data visualization. In addition, they have built a proprietary AI engine to process massive datasets and deal with the outliners accordingly, which is much more effective than using off-the-shelf products.

“Our plug-and-play automaton tools can aggregate crucial data and display it in real time on intuitive dashboards. This allows clients to quickly make more informed decisions,” says Varoon Sankar, CEO, HI-TECH Consulting.

Hi-Tech Consulting’s innovative mindset and the urge to modernize the oil and gas sector have enabled it to lead several projects toward success. For example, an oil and gas company found itself flaring thousands of cubic feet of gas per day because of its inability to get it to a sales terminal. They evaluated doing their own gas turbine generation, but the infrastructure to sell back to the grid was too excessive for their budget.

Hi Tech Consulting came up with a Starlink solution for the data. It partnered with a company that does mobile cryptocurrency mining computer rigs and set it up on the client’s location, allowing them to utilize their flair gas to generate the power required to fuel these bitcoin miners. However, the client was generating more power than the crypto miners could take onsite due to the bandwidth limitation. As such, Hi-Tech Consulting is working on a microgrid to help them use the electricity they are generating from the waste gas to power the pumps. “We are looking at low cost, privatized mobile grids that the client can move to and from different sites as the field matures,” says Sankar.

On the automation side, HI TECH Consulting helped a client with directional guidance automation that saves 24-36 hours of drilling time. By reducing the damages to downhole directional drilling tools, Hi-Tech Consulting helped the client save an average of $140,000-180,000 per well.
  • Our plug-and-play automaton tools can aggregate crucial data and display it in real time on intuitive dashboards. This allows clients to quickly make more informed decisions

But what are the factors that enabled Hi-Tech Consulting to achieve such feats in such a short span of time? “It’s the company ethos and our team,” Sankar answers. Hi-Tech Consulting is built on the pillars of partnership, accountability, transparency, and honesty, a.k.a PATH. Instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach, the company aspires to truly get neck deep into clients’ problems and then develop a purpose-fit solution essentially, becoming an extension of their team. Most importantly, it deploys teams to help clients in a cost-effective manner rather than the common practice of charging per personnel/hour.

In a nutshell, having experts in the drilling and technology fields, Hi-Tech Consulting has the right understanding of the drilling intelligence and drilling performance. This allows the company to drive clients into the future where the industry is headed.