The practices of modern metallurgy need to ensure affordability, reliability and the ability to meet deadlines even in challenging times. For industries, this kind of excellence from the manufacturer’s side is vital for their facilities to run their operations with precision and uniformity. Methods of metallurgical treatment such as hot forging determine the quality of products made from materials such as titanium.

Enter High Precision Forging (HPF) titanium applications, a company that manufactures high quality metal goods for a host of purposes, ranging from precision tools to components of heavy machinery. The newly manufactured equipment is subjected to a series of laboratory testing and field trials to make sure it is in perfect working order. HPF ensures that the goods are in perfectly working order without the risk of malfunction and meet industry standards before being officially deployed. The facilities for examining finished products include tensile tests, compression tests, HV microhardness, HRA, HRBW, HRC, HBW, HPG specialization in the fields of hot forging, macrostructure, grain flow, hydrogen content determination, dimensional checks, and non-destructive testing (NDT). All products supplied by the company are built in accordance to international regulations and client specifications. One of the key features of the company is its R&D department, essentially a qualified team of professionals and consultants, selected from world-leading academic organizations, and research centers. The R&D department is especially an asset when the prototyping of innovative projects, testing feasibilities studies, and experimental development processes are carried out. New products are tested out by this development before they are approved to move forward to be patented. HDF believes in an innovative approach towards introducing new products to the public . Only after analyzing what kind of impact the commodity may have in the market, the company takes the steps to see if it is worth patenting and applies for the patent.

HPF’s biggest achievement to date has been its research and innovations in the medical industry. The company’s journey in the mass production and development of high tech medical apparatuses began in the year 2012 and has evolved into HPF’s largest division that generates the highest revenue for the company. HPF holds 32 patents in the medical sector corresponding to the field of orthopedics for which it produces surgical instruments and devices for prosthesis implementation. Seventy percent of the patents were achieved in the three years and is part of a whole development program finalized to increase the enterprises range of surgical products.

Innovation always makes the difference and we want to be different

The rich technical heritage of HPF in the manufacturing of titanium and other special materials enables the enterprise to stand out in several industries that require both high precision light and heavy machine parts and tools. Some of the leading companies in the energy sector including hydroelectric power plants, wave power stations, and wind energy farms have identified HPF as a very reliable partner. For the power generation industry the company manufactures components such as titanium Impellers, turbine parts, compressor and IGY blades, disks, hubs and bearing blocks. HPF is also heavily involved in the automobile industry and mass produces front and rear wheel hubs for Formula 1 racing and heat treatments for Formula 1 parts made out of titanium alloy.

The market for machine parts made from titanium and other metals is rapidly growing as industries expand and new technologies demand the finest and most durable parts. Therefore research is being directed towards this area with new and innovative developments happening every day and HPF is the leader behind this movement, keeping its customers satisfied throughout the globe.