Claudio Monteforte, the CEO and founder, IdnamicClaudio Monteforte, the CEO and founder
Founded in 1994, Idnamic has been involved in the installation and maintenance of anemometric towers for 27 years. “When we started to approach wind energy services, only Meteorological Masts of ten metres were used for wind measurement. Just in some uncommon cases, the mast had a height of 30 metres. So, when we first installed a 50 metres mast, it was something exceptional,” says Mr. Claudio Monteforte, the CEO and founder of Idnamic. Many things have changed since then, and today the wind measurement sector has improved a lot, reaching greater heights. The sensors and the dataloggers have changed; bureaucracy has emerged as a major obstacle because in each country, there are different rules and authorisations needed for the installation and the low-level flying. But, what has not changed is Idnamic’s relentless commitment to assist clients in attaining their desired level of outcome. “We have to respect these rules as well as satisfy our clients. For this reason, our technical team is regularly updated on government regulations,” mentions Mr. Monteforte.

Today, Idnamic is the wind engineering services leader in Europe and North Africa, with headquarters in Italy and Spain. The company provides the best anemological mast on the market, both for permanent and temporary use. It also has the capability to supply any sensor and data logger required by its clients. Idnamic guarantees technical assistance for its products through its technical team, which is always in contact with customers to resolve the issues. In addition, they offer the downloading, processing and analysis of the data, which is the core business of the industry. “We support our operative teams, periodically, with new human resources. We have a technical staff to support our operative teams, and we have the quality and safety certifications,” states Mr. Monteforte. “Safety is the first rule for our teams. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding safety, our workers must know how to use the safety devices, and they must attend training courses in order to provide the best services.”

What differentiates Idnamic is its constant efforts to understand the needs of clients.

We support our operative teams, periodically, with new human resources. We have a technical staff to support our operative teams and we have the quality and safety certifications

Before submitting the offer, the company’s departments need to coordinate all the necessary information to find the solution that fits most of the customers’ needs. “We have quality, security, experience, and the Antitrust Authority recognised us two stars in the legality rating. The investments of the energetic operators are very important, and having partners who respect the rules is very relevant,” says Mr. Monteforte. In an instance, when there wasn’t any access to a worksite for Idnamic’s vehicles and they but the hardest situation occurred when a permanent met mast in the open sea had to be installed—two miles far from the shore, working on an artificial platform. The tower was very heavy, and Idnamic couldn’t find a crane for this operation. And thus, they rented an Erikson Air-Crane and accomplished its mission, with the extreme astonishment of the client.

Although Idnamic has provided and installed approximately 10.000 met mast globally till now, Mr. Monteforte believes that it has been challenging to work during the pandemic emergency—and even now, it is still not very easy. “We work in different European countries and need to be updated on all the restrictions of each country. We use devices to prevent the virus, we constantly screen our human resources, and we always try to prevent the contacts,” he notes. “We know that we have to fight the virus with the vaccination, and for this reason, we made our enterprise available to this purpose. We will be waiting for our turn.”