Co van den Ham, Chief Commercial Officer, Wright Manager and Björn Smit, Sales Manager, inepro Metering BVCo van den Ham, Chief Commercial Officer, Wright Manager and Björn Smit, Sales Manager
To say that innovation reached new heights with the Wright Brothers’ invention of the power-driven flying machine would be an understatement. The Wright Flyer disrupted the market and spread wider globally when renowned scientists, engineers, and leaders were still trying to solve the challenge of controlled flight without success. Finally, following their relentless curiosity and perseverance through numerous complications, The Wright Flyer was born to achieve what the rest believed impossible. What motivated this historical event was the sheer power of imagination and innovation. This “Wright” type of out-of-the-thinking, passion and adventure spurred the inception of inepro Metering BV—a company that offers an extensive range of high-quality, certified electricity meters.

With innovation as an indispensable part of its DNA, inepro Metering changes the narrative in the smart energy metering space by combining continuous experience and expertise. “Think outside the box, look for new ideas, don’t use more than you need”–principles that form the core and the identity of the company. Since 1992, inepro Metering has been producing and distributing high-quality, certified electricity meters and accessories. Over the years, the company has continually upgraded its products to meet the ongoing needs of the market. The latest in this list is the Ambition range–a certified and efficient high-end smart meter offering.

With an integrated WAGO Push-in CAGE CLAMP, the Ambition range makes room for easy and quick installation. In essence, the Ambition meter comes in two variants, namely 4PS and 4PU. While both the meters support three-phase connectivity and can operate at a maximum rated current of 65 amperes, what distinguishes them is their connection type–S and U, remarks Björn Smit, Sales Manager at inepro Metering, comments that the meters are available as both Android and iOS mobile applications for programming and readings and assures effective communication.

Harness the Potential of Measuring Excellence

Embedded with an advanced Bluetooth interface, the meters connect to the mobile application and enable convenient programming and configuration. In fact, the WAGO factor eradicates the need for extra tools and even helps in the easy establishment of Bluetooth connectivity with mobile applications. This enables convenient programming and configuration and lays the foundation for seamless communication. In addition, the inepro Meter Manager mobile application provides remote insight into values per phase or total. The data emanated from these sources are collected via the M-bus, Modbus, S0 interface, or the UART port.

Featuring a switchable Modbus M-bus connectivity and Class B DIN rail, the Ambition meters portray an adjustable user interface at its core. The transparent casing on the state-of-the-art meters can display several instantaneous variables like the voltage, current, active power, frequency, power factor, and others on various communication options like the LCD. Not to forget, the large dot matrix display produced on the meters improves visibility and calls for an improved user experience.

The uniqueness of the meters also originates from the fact that the data emanated from them can be stored for almost a decade without a constant power source.

We have intricately designed our products to make them future-ready and resistant. One of the ideas that portray it is the UART connection in them

Furthermore, Smit stresses that with no computer or touch buttons, the robust application software’s UART serial connections let users connect with any communication module of their choice. “We have intricately designed our products to make them future-ready and resistant. One of the ideas that portray it is the UART connection in them,” remarks Smit.

To that end, the exceptional combination of high accuracy class (1/B) enables the Ambition meters to actively measure energy consumptions over a wide range of temperature (-40 degrees to +70). Further speaking, Smit mentions that the entire Ambition range complies with the Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU. “The European MID certification ensures the accuracy and quality of the meter and enables its use for billing purposes,” he adds.

Benefits Galore

A yet another stellar solution from inepro Metering is the Smart Pro Series. With a complete range of both single and three-phase meters, the Pro Series can be used in photovoltaic systems, electric vehicle charging, home and building automation, panel builders, and the likes of it.

While the PRO1 and PRO2 series are both single-phase meters, both PRO380 and PRO380-CT series are three-phase systems. All the four meters are intrinsically similar at the core–SO, 2-tariff with Modbus, and M-Bus connectivity. What distinguishes these meters are the embedded module types and the amount of power needed to operate. The PRO1 meters come with 1 module and require 45 amperes as the maximum power supply. PRO2, on the other hand, needs 100 amperes and sits on two modules. Although the maximum rated current remains as PRO2, PRO380 needs four modules to function successfully. Rounding off the PRO series, the PRO380-CT devices have a minimum requirement of 1,5 (6) A to generate results.

These Smart PRO meters have an exceptional combination of a high accuracy class (1/B) for active energy measurement and a broad temperature range. Furthermore, all Smart PRO energy meters comply with the Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU and are thereby ready to address the increasing costs and demand for energy in the coming days. The MID certification enables inepro Metering to diligently monitor the energy consumption diligently and attenuate the same if needed, making it an environmentally friendly firm.

The impeccable benefits of inepro’s meters do not end here.

Under its hood, the company hosts PRO-Flex–a range of single-phase 16A energy meters consisting of 4 different types, each with its specific characteristics. These practical and straightforward solutions allow customers to measure the energy consumption of mobile energy users with an accuracy class of 1/B for active energy measurement. Users can measure and monitor their energy consumption. Housing the PRO1 meter inside it, PRO-Flex reflects accuracy similar to the Ambition range–class of 1/B for active energy measurement.
Moreover, with just a standard cable length of 1.5mm² H07RN-F cable–50cm on both sides, PRO-Flex operates seamlessly, thereby eliminating the need to build complete infrastructures per location. In addition, these meters are available with Schuko or CEE16 plug for easy connection and hence, can easily be carried to different locations.

Impregnable Roots that Bolster Present-Day Efforts

While not all differentiation strategies are equally effective, inepro Metering ensures that it invests in innovation, quality, and certified products to stand out. Through its extensive range of prime quality and certified electricity meters, it boosts clients’ productivity, augments their efficiency, and allows them to focus on what matters most: their own ambitions.

This commitment to empowering clients with quality and innovative products is reinforced by inepro Metering’s rich history and an unparalleled track record of reliable service that have turned clients into loyal customers.

In essence, inepro Metering is an essential component of the inepro Group. Formerly known as the IPC systems BV, the genesis of the inepro group dates back to 1952 when Mr. Clewits Sr. began collecting energy meters. Over the years, inepro began branching out into inepro BV, Cashless Solutions BV, Jiaxing inepro Metering, Nayax, and many more to function across verticals. The amalgamation of the experience (worth 25 years) gathered by all these subsidiaries helps individual entities of the inepro group, including inepro Metering, to guarantee true added value to its customers’ value propositions. Predominantly, inepro Metering draws insights from the inepro group to position itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the international market paradigm. With offices currently in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Germany, and other places, the company is gearing up to spread its footprints.

“We are fast, flexible, and able to develop customised products,” asserts Björn Smit, Sales Manager, inepro Metering. “We are not just manufacturers of energy meters that people buy, we work towards building personal contacts with our clients across Europe.” Through its comprehensive suite of meters that bank on its ingrained expertise, experience, and innovations, the company is committed to fulfilling its prime goal: making its clients work as efficiently and productive as possible.

In line with this vision, inepro Metering is making proactive efforts to develop meters that can harness the benefits of DC energy sources. While the company’s energy meters are currently working on AC science, it expects to implement newer standards (1000 and 1050/1100 volts) that can make DC the norm soon. Smit feels that although AC is here to stay, the surge in sustainable global energy demands will subsequently cement DC’s position as a bigger market with high potential. “A century ago, Edison had lost to Tesla’s AC. The time has come for him to finally succeed,” he concludes.