Blackouts owing to extreme weather conditions and customer demand overloads have become common incidents in the U.S. In fact, in February 2021 and 2022, Texas experienced one of the largest blackouts. At its peak, more than five million people were without power and almost 11 million underwent an outage at some point. Needless to say, several families were left struggling to combat extreme weather conditions resulting in casualties. This is just one example; almost every state across the nation experienced several planned and unplanned shutoffs throughout the year. Even though solar energy can help power homes and corporate facilities, it is next to impossible to ensure a continuous power supply without proper storage solutions. To this end, battery storage solutions promise a feasible way forward by allowing users to keep their homes powered during grid failure and save money on energy bills.

This is where Infinity Energy steps in. Since its inception in 2014, the company has been an advocate of alternative, safe, abundant, and affordable energy. Infinity Energy assists every use case—including residential, retrofit residential solutions, and commercial buildings—in maintaining, installing, and servicing energy storage equipment. The company currently sells Tesla, Sonnen, Enphase and Generac batteries and ensures those are installed properly. “Today, every home needs energy independence or self-reliance. Regardless of the source of electricity, battery storage solutions are going to be critical in this journey,” mentions Yan Purba, CEO, Infinity Energy.

He further notes that currently, the energy storage space is moving toward virtual power plants (VPP) or a network of distributed energy resources such as solar panels and battery systems working together for generating, storing, and distributing energy. “The grid infrastructure is aging, and it is unable to address the growing demand for energy. That’s why VPP is going to be the future,” Purba adds. Infinity Energy is going to play a pivotal role in this shift as the last mile service provider. Also, the company is experimenting with carbon black batteries that can improve the speed of charging and discharging while reducing risks given the battery technology relies on electro-static (solid state) capacitors instead of electro-chemical reactions.

What differentiates Infinity Energy is its focus on improving customer experience and knowledge of renewable energy and battery storage. “We ensure that clients are thoroughly informed about the beneficial and practical nuances of leveraging renewable solar and batteries for energy consumption,” asserts Bryson Solomon, COO, Infinity Energy. Going the extra mile, the company has successfully brought almost 100 percent automation in its affordable design process and allows each client to make the necessary design changes. It continues to add several technology layers, such as text messaging and bots, to allow better interaction between the project manager, the system, the rep, and the customer. “We are leveraging the power of automation and technology for more efficiency,” Solomon adds.
  • I Believe There Will be a new Category of Sustainable Energy Called Infinity Energy, not Just because of our Name, but because of What we Bring to the World

Infinity Energy has a unique approach with every project as it consistently measures the timeline of all its stages and determines gaps using data, BI, and analytics. For instance, the company had to complete several implementations and solar installations in an area in Texas within 10 to 14 days. Infinity Energy undertook the arduous task of building its own software for tracking truck dispatches by drawing inspiration from Lyft and Uber with route and scheduling optimizations. Infinity Energy also created its mobile app for installers to monitor the installation killowatts per hour speed and continuous quality improvements, while allowing clients to track the process through and through then rate installers’ performance via post-install surveys.

With such prowess, Infinity Energy has established itself as sought-after renewable and battery storage solution provider. It is poised to grow steadily in the coming years and has already received contracts for its new construction division in three states “We anticipate growing even more by leveraging new innovative energy technology which will transform ourselves beyond a renewable energy company. I believe there will be a new category of sustainable energy called Infinity Energy, not just because of our name, but because of what we bring to the world,” concludes Purba.