Many organizations in the energy and utilities sector already have operational mobility solutions and other wireless capabilities that are creating a revolution in the perception of the world, as we know it. On the other hand, there are still some energy providers that are facing major functional risks due to the public structure of the utilities’ business model. Keeping up with the constantly changing regulatory committees, and at the same time accounting for a productive workforce and successful customer relationships pose a challenge for energy and utilities providers. Addressing to these needs, Folsom, CA headquartered mobility solution provider Interloc Solutions works with Energy & Utility companies through the various stages of the lifecycle—from consultation to implementation and post-implementation support.

Interloc offers a mobile edition of IBM’s Maximo for oil and gas—the Mobile Informer—which provides an unparalleled near real-time insight into inventory and assets, enabling oil and gas companies to have a precise understanding of the type, location, condition and maintenance levels of every item and helps optimize the inventory levels. Extolling its profitability, Mike Watson, President and CEO, Interloc, says, “The ability to manage inspections, work orders, asset identification and condition assessments from a mobile device allows more field-time, resulting an increase in data reliability, maintenance, effectiveness, and a clear ROI.

Interloc’s flagship product, the Mobile Informer caters to a wide array of essential functional needs— namely, reporting to regulatory bodies, monitoring and maintaining sensitive equipment and heavy machinery, managing facilities, maintain fleets, operating pipelines, and exploring alternative sources of fuel. Affording high levels of security, the Mobile Informer platform delivers these, ensuring fully encrypted data transactions between the mobile devices and the centralized servers.

Whatever the Maximo need is, from software to services to support, Interloc can address it globally

Indigenously integrated with Maximo, Mobile Informer accommodates virtualization of assets, locations, work orders, leveraging investment in GIS (Geographic Information System), eliminating the need for a middleware. The provider has a prolific clientele from Alaska to Nova Scotia, Southern California to Florida, and all points in between, including Chevron, Enbridge Gas Distribution and Legacy Oil and Gas among others. Speaking for its proficiency in administering to the energy and utilities arena is Sempra Energy, a San Diego, CA based Fortune 500 energy services holding company. Paraphrasing Lev Berkovich, Project Manager, Southern California Gas, Sempra Utilities, the utility company chose Interloc’s Mobile Informer, a native to Maximo application. “It allowed us to be more agile and productive and the Interloc team showed the strongest expertise and knowledge in Android and iOS development,” states Berkovich.

At Interloc, the teams behind Mobile Informer consist of highly experienced technology and business professionals, experts at providing comprehensive and reliable solutions to address enterprise assets and service management needs. “Whatever the Maximo need is, from software to services to support, Interloc can address it globally,” notes Watson.

With plans for widening their service line, Interloc is set to mark its global footprint to meet mobility requirements in the international energy industry. Driving innovation in mobility, the provider looks forward to bringing about a user adoption rate of 100 percent, through rapid deployments, and “expanding offerings of turnkey, out-of-the-box mobile apps,” assures Watson.