Chris Turner, CTO and Patrick Trippel, President and CEO, Inventus PowerChris Turner, CTO and Patrick Trippel, President and CEO
From data centers to lawnmowers, Inventus Power powers more systems than one can imagine. Through its design and manufacture of Lithium-ion battery and power systems, the company supports portable, motive and stationary applications, including professional audio systems, data servers, point of sale terminals, medical devices, two-way radios, outdoor power equipment and more. Its superior engineering capabilities are evident in the fact that it has shipped over a billion units without any major safety issues, thus maintaining the trust of the world’s largest OEMs.

Formed from the amalgamation of two large battery pack manufacturers, Inventus Power has a rich 60-year history of leading the transition from legacy power systems to new power sources. Its expertise expands across a variety of battery designs varying in complexity from 3V to 500V and 10W to 15kW+.

Inventus Power specializes in providing turnkey solutions, from design to mass production. The company has two Technical Centers located in the U.S. and Southern China with 200+ engineers worldwide and leverages its engineering and design prowess to develop solutions that meet and exceed customers’ requirements. By paying attention to its clients’ needs and challenges, it builds products that effectively operate within their intended environments, whether it’s a convenience product or a life-saving device. “We are a major supplier to the U.S. Army; our soldier-worn conformal wearable batteries are flexible, waterproof and ballistically safe,” states Patrick Trippel, President and CEO. “We are constantly researching ways to innovate our products to meet the Military’s emerging trends and applications.”

What sets Inventus Power apart? No one else in the industry has the history and market/application expertise. Its global footprint provides engineering, manufacturing and sales support that cannot be matched. Its understanding of the complete power system (battery pack, charger and power supply) provides higher reliability, increased safety and improved system performance.
“We have long-standing relationships with top tier cell manufacturers and maintain extensive cell performance data which allows us to recommend the best technology for each application,” says Chris Turner, CTO. “Our global in-house design and testing capabilities ensure that our products will meet all safety and agency certifications.”

Inventus Power’s engineering team is well versed in the latest industry trends and can help customers adapt current systems to new technologies as well as innovate their next generation of product offerings. Recently, Inventus Power was approached by a large data center OEM to develop a solution to replace a conventional asset in a UPS system. Inventus Power took the time to fully understand the customer’s requirements and educated the client about the advantages of using Li-ion versus VRLA in its UPS, including the design of space-saving system housing, higher energy density and longer life. Inventus Power partnered with the OEM’s design team to transition the conventional UPS power source to a Li-ion solution allowing for a more efficient use of physical space and an overall cost savings to the customer.

As the Li-ion industry continues to boom, new markets are developing for medium-large format battery systems within Lawn and Garden, Professional Cleaning and Material Handling markets. “For over 60 years, we have been helping customers transition to new technologies and we look forward to continuing to use our experience, resources and capabilities to convert a new generation of customers,” continues Turner.

The company recently expanded their manufacturing footprint in Tijuana, Mexico to a new facility to accommodate customer growth. Additionally, they have made investments in their U.S. and Southern China operations and plan to continue to expand capacity and capabilities. “Inventus Power is well positioned within this vibrant and growing battery industry. It is through our engineering and technical expertise, global manufacturing footprint and strategic supplier relationships that we are able to provide superior value and increased speed-to-market our global customers,” says Trippel.