Innovative technologies powered by big data analytics and machine learning continue to make inroads into many industries, and the energy sector is no different. However, as consumers, both residential and commercial, become more tech-savvy, it is imperative that energy suppliers recognize customer demands and adopt digital technologies to optimize their operational workflow. Smart energy management and consumption solutions can enable companies to deliver complete consumer satisfaction. However, a challenge for most power companies is in understanding the smart energy technology market and selecting the right solution and services provider that can comply with the digital standards and ensure future growth.

Coming to the aid of these companies is ITC AG, a smart energy solution provider that offers a comprehensive digital application for energy firms to interact with their consumers. “We provide professional internet portals for customer care, sales, smart metering, and smart energy management based on our software ITC PowerCommerce,” says Hans von Meiss, Owner and Vice President at ITC AG. ITC AG’s PowerCommerce is a multichannel portal solution for energy and other utility distributors that empowers them to effectively communicate with consumers with clear insights.

The PowerCommerce Suite houses a range of solutions that connects consumers to their energy providers through a web portal that can be accessed on smart devices at any time and from anywhere. The PowerCommerce EED solution allows consumers to access an energy provider portal and view their consumption information without any hassle and pay digitally via an app of their choice. As energy consumption is set to rise with the entry of more smart devices into the residential and commercial sectors, consumers can use PowerCommerce’s EnMS Professional solution to efficiently monitor their energy utilization with well-defined data analytics that allow the reduction of power consumption.

ITC AG’s PowerCommerce also allows energy companies to study consumer power consumption using connected smart meter data and deliver relevant structured plans to maintain energy efficiency through its MSB and SMP solutions. In addition, ITC AG partners with the online legal register to ensure clients are following the stipulated protocols of the EU regulatory board.

Energy and power suppliers utilizing ITC AG’s PowerCommerce solution are already seeing returns on their investment as they continue to improve customer acquisition through the delivery of products based on their consumer feedback and interaction. As satisfied consumers are loyal consumers, ITC AG’s professionalism and empathy towards its partners and clients allows for them to maintain long ties while also delivering superior e-marketing portal to increase economic growth or level-declining business deals. With data being a key driver of many technological applications running at optimal level, it is also important to maintain trust, and ITC AG offers its users the transparency and comfort while being discreet about any personal information linked to a person’s or company’s energy consumption.

As success is measured by growth, ITC AG has been upscaling its operations and has quickly gone on to become one of the most preferred partners of the energy provider and utilities sector in Europe. Going forward, the company wishes to continue investing its resources into delivering an end-to-end process automation and integration of smart energy grid applications and surge along with its clients into the future of power supply and consumption.