Jennifer Worrall, President and CEO, IterosJennifer Worrall, President and CEO
Over the last 10 years, there has been a rapid influx of technologies like solar and wind generation that has helped to make the grid more sustainable. But these large solar plants or areas with high penetration of on-site solar create complexity in grid management. Energy storage and smart inverters can help to resolve this complexity, but to fulfill their promise while providing the optimal economic return, they must be accompanied by an advanced energy management software solution. Robust energy management requires effective collection and analysis of data, but many companies either lack the proper tools to mine the required data, or are unable to manage the huge amount of data they collect. Once the data is collected, modeling and simulation provides guidance in terms of sizing assets within an installation and provides insights into the outcomes of the various value streams that can be used depending type of installation. Finally, once the assets are identified and installed, the actual controls must be put into place and tuned throughout the long life of the project. California-based energy management software provider, Iteros, helps their customers do exactly this with robust and reliable energy management software to combat all the challenges related to energy management in this complex new energy landscape.

Iteros’ solution enables easy and efficient integration of these new technology assets and management of the data generated by them and helps users perform the controls necessary to optimize the energy assets. This end-to-end solution includes modeling and simulation capabilities, which allow users to maximize the profitability of their projects using the same logic that is used to control sustainable energy systems by optimizing energy storage, distributed generation, and any other complementary distributed energy resource technology. By using machine learning and artificial intelligence, Iteros helps users figure out ways to optimize energy resources for efficient utilization and develop and execute complex bidding strategies for market participation to increase revenues.

“We help our users to implement these new technologies by modeling the various ways in which they can use energy resources, giving them a clear vision of the outcome of different types of energy investments,” states Jennifer Worrall, President, and CEO of Iteros. Iteros’ solution is immensely flexible, so it can be deployed rapidly without the need for customizing the solution. Other solution providers in the market take weeks or months to customize their solution, but Jennifer says, “For one of our clients we have been able to deploy our platform in under 48 hours.”

We help our users to implement these new technologies by modeling the various ways in which they can use energy resources, giving them a clear vision of the outcome of different types of energy investments

Iteros’ platform connects to the cloud and allows users to gain visibility into diversely located devices from a single point location. Additionally, a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard makes the information available easy to understand. And through the extensive APIs that Iteros provides, users can integrate and leverage their existing data platforms as well.

Iteros is endeavoring to create the technology for a truly smart grid, by expanding on capabilities for both the energy consumer and the utility to help entire communities better balance the supply and demand of energy. “We’re passionate about creating a software platform that will enable the sustainable and reliable grid of the future. We know that path is possible by building software for our users that we would like to use ourselves,” ends Jennifer.