A majority of organizations in the oil and gas sector have large infrastructures comprising pipelines, pumping and compressor stations, and other facilities. To secure these infrastructures, organizations need a security system that provides early detection in case of intrusion or destruction of their infrastructure. As cybercriminals and physical security threats become more sophisticated today, conventional IT and security systems are no longer sufficient to ensure security and smooth running of operations. While organizations look to maximize operational efficiency and safety of their work environment, modern and reliable control and security system prove to be highly essential.

Having been in the industry for near three decades, Ukraine-based Leater fulfils these needs through their automated systems that help firms in the energy industry monitor and manage their entire infrastructure and operations from a single place. The company’s wide range of products include security systems, control centres, and IT solutions, consulting, and engineering design, which help organizations significantly, enhance their business efficiency, improve financial performance, and create safe working conditions. “Since our inception, the core competency has always been to solve the complex business problems of our clients,” states Mykola Zhandorov, CEO of Leater, “We provide modern technologies and tools that can securely be integrated with our client’s existing infrastructure to deliver high product quality and operational efficiency.”

The 28 years of experience and many of successful projects is what makes us the best partner for clients to help them fulfil their need to have the secure and controlled infrastructure

Leater provides integration platforms, security systems, and control rooms that help oil and gas companies to centrally manage and monitor their pipeline operations, day-to-day tasks, and workflows. It’s a combination of different security and IT infrastructure subsystems that includes advanced control center, trunk pipeline protection, local facility safety, united with information protection system.

As a part of their security systems, the company provides integrated security systems, solutions for control and defences of long perimeters, video analytics, access control system, and unified control centres for the management of complicated infrastructure. The combination of these systems with the existing infrastructure helps organizations to have optimized efficiency, enhanced safety, and greater productivity.

Leater’s automated system is ideal for guarding pipeline, perimeters, their adjacent facilities, and the telecom networks. This system is intended for early detection and localization of the leakages and damages caused by any third-party interference or unauthorized excavation into the pipeline facilities.
Thus, it decreases the negative impact on the environment. Usage of such a system improves the ability of operators as they can have faster responses to the unsanctioned intrusions.

“The 28 years of experience and many successful projects is what makes us the best partner for clients to help them fulfil their need to have the secure and controlled infrastructure,” says Dmyro Melchenko, CMO of Leater. With years of experience, the company has also been able to implement security and AV solutions in different fields of business - mining industrial, hotel complexes, financial institutions, commercial property projects, and entertainment centres. Marking a significant difference in the Ukrainian market for Leater is its ability to provide professional consulting services and continuous sales support. The company’s team of systems architects, engineers, and certified project managers are adept at determining the business objectives together with the customer’s team—helping them find the optimal solution to complete their assigned tasks.

Leater has made significant strides in empowering enterprises in the energy sector to overcome their complex business needs with its solutions. “Our main business objective has always been to help our clients improve the effectiveness of their systems while ensuring utmost security. Looking ahead, we envision helping more clients gain complete control effectively and safety of their entire infrastructure and operations,” concludes Zhandorov.