Oliver van der Mond- CEO, LEMONBEATOliver van der Mond- CEO
What if machines could speak and act like humans. Fortunately, Lemonbeat has come up with solutions that eliminate the “what if”. Since this German company has experienced and understood the major obstacles in the development of IoT products, it is offering to help customers eschew unnecessary mistakes when developing IoT solutions. There are billions of digital devices connected to the Internet around the world and a tidal wave of data is being generated by them. It also enables businesses to make better decisions, solve problems, and discover new revenue streams. Connected devices enable the collection, transmission, and analysis of data through the Internet of Things. It’s no secret that the Internet of Things (IoT) is complex, with multiple suppliers providing various components of any solution which in turn complicates project management. By bringing together exactly the right mix of partners, Lemonbeat offers the full range of end-to-end solutions.

Lemonbeat’s primary focus has been to move data from the field to the cloud in a secure, reliable, and cost efficient manner. As part of its business operations, the company ensures that the system works properly and the data is collected correctly. In most IoT platforms, the data is owned by the platform and thus subsidized by the platform. Rather than making IoT a project, Lemonbeat visualises transforming it into a product. The company’s current focus is on a newly developed communication standard called Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), which we use with different clients. The energy industry finds this very interesting as it coincides with the future 450MHz system which can be used by the energy industry.

Through Future Energy Ventures, Lemonbeat can access such a large energy utility as E.ON. In terms of asset base, energy utilities are by nature the largest and most dispersed of all industries--especially if you consider the grid business. This makes utilities the ideal partners for implementing IoT applications like Leamonbeat. Additionally, it is important to have a team that understands the energy industry’s pain points and the potential for utilizing technology like Lemonbeat’s.

Lemonbeat’s ability to mitigate “what if” has earned them a vast client base and technology partners. As one such innovator partner in the industrial and building automation industry, MBS has been delivering state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions and supporting customers for more than 30 years. Lemonbeat’s gateway product platform offers customers and partners exceptional versatility and flexibility - an advantage that translates to extremely low total costs. The expertise and product range the company offers as manufacturers will meet all the requirements - made in Germany.

Lemonbeat’s primary focus has been to move data from the field to the cloud in a secure, reliable, and costefficient manner

Lemonbeat’s unique business agility and collaboration between all teams keep it at the forefront of the ever evolving IoT ecosystem, particularly in energy-related use cases, given the team’s extensive experience and connections in the field. The company’s team is what makes it special: it is customer-oriented and constantly focused on scalability, not only within a specific project but across multiple customers and use cases. In addition to supporting its customers in all aspects of a mass IoT deployment, Lemonbeat manages complexity through a well-designed software architecture that can integrate with any major connectivity solution.