Mark Ghan, General Manager, Logix ControlsMark Ghan, General Manager
Food processors and cold storage warehouses have always found it challenging to manage their considerable power requirements while also maintaining product output and quality. No two of these large, purpose-built plants are alike, which limits “one size fits all” energy management solutions. More recently, mounting regulatory obligations for ammonia refrigerant, evolving energy management utility programs and a scarcity of trained refrigeration operators have added to the complexity. This niche area needs experts, which is where Logix Controls comes in.

“We bring 28 years of experience to the table,” says Mark Ghan, the General Manager of Logix Controls. “We are at the forefront handling problems in the refrigerant energy management sector and are able to deliver many solutions even before customers realize they have a problem.”

Logix Controls distinguishes itself from the competition by providing cost-effective energy management solutions that boost plant productivity. The result: the company has built a loyal and diverse customer base that includes food distribution warehouses, wineries, dairies and other companies in the food and beverage industry.

A key component of Logix Controls’ solutions is an energy management dashboard that lets operators remotely view refrigeration status and also adjust settings via existing facility networks. The dashboard displays key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide detailed insight into the facility’s operations by taking snapshots of the entire system every fifteen minutes. Customers can monitor the plant status along with real-time energy consumption data, and can use that data for immediate plant optimization and for future automation initiatives.

In addition to providing a visual representation of the operating environment, the dashboards send configurable email alarm notifications to designated recipients. Should there be any drop in refrigeration efficiency or other potential problems, the plant operators can take quick and necessary action. Furthermore, all of the facility monitoring data that the Logix Controls systems generate can be pushed to corporate databases and other IT systems for in-depth analysis and backup.

We are at the forefront handling problems in the refrigerant energy management sector and are able to deliver many solutions even before customers realize they have a problem

Logix Controls also provides its customers with industrial-toughened control hardware and sensors to deliver long-term reliability and stability with minimal maintenance. Should the unexpected occur, Logix provides ongoing around-the-clock support by expert energy and refrigeration engineers, ensuring facility down time is minimized. Ongoing software updates and customer training round out the company’s long-term commitment to ensure consistent top-notch performance of the facilities. “We don’t just install our product and leave; we are always available to support our product for our customers,” says Ghan.

A large seafood processing customer with a cold storage facility is one of the many companies that has benefited from Logix Controls’ expertise and advanced technology. The customer lacked sufficient refrigeration capacity to accommodate its large and growing processing loads. After consulting with Logix Controls’ experts and installing its smart controls solution, the customer was able to significantly increase its processing loads without upgrading any of its refrigeration systems.

Logix Controls recently rolled out a new standalone product called Agility™. The product can be used individually, or serve as a building block to scale-up solutions as refrigeration needs grow. Agility™ has individual equipment controllers that can be easily integrated into a plant’s energy management systems.

At the other end of the spectrum, Logix Controls is also focusing on large production plant automation. The company recently enhanced its technology to bring efficiency and off-the-shelf standardization to its large processor customers. Just one more example of Logix Controls continuing to evolve and using its unique “tricks of the trade” to provide cost-effective solutions and unmatched value.