Andrew Dodds, Group Director , Megger Group LimitedAndrew Dodds, Group Director
For more than 130 years, Megger Group Limited has maintained its leadership position as a portable electrical test and measurement products provider. The company has grown over the years both organically and through acquisitions with a focus on the equipment used in test and commissioning, maintenance, and fault finding. Megger today has manufacturing sites across the globe, including Germany, the UK, Sweden, and the U.S.

The key factor that has enabled Megger to reach heights of success is its focus on quality and the ability to align with the ever-evolving market dynamics. For example, with the recent increase in the need for online condition monitoring and the growing focus on renewables in the last two years, the company is making a steady investment in online measurements to further increase its industry relevance.

“We are transitioning from our core business position of offline test and measurement into online technology that service the renewable and address the needs pushed by the regulators,” says Andrew Dodds, Group Director, Megger .

Megger has acquired Power Diagnostix, a leader in the development and manufacture of high voltage diagnostic equipment and in the provision of diagnostic services for high voltage installations. This acquisition has played a vital role in enhancing Megger’s capabilities in the Partial Discharge (PD) testing field. The company is now able to offer a wide range of diagnostic on line monitoring solutions for Electrical OEMs, Power utilities, and others who operate MV and HV equipment and networks, including transformers, bushings, generators, motors, or GIS/GIL installations.

Megger has also partnered with IPS Group, one of the leading enterprise asset management (EAM) and asset performance management (APM) solution providers for the electrical supply industry. This move has allowed the company to extend its leadership in electrical test and measurement utilizing IPS’s data analytics capability, cyber security, and digitalization expertise.

Another area that Megger has been focusing on is grid analytics. The company aims to provide decision-makers with predictive analysis of future faults, supporting predictive maintenance practices along with improved detection and location of unplanned outages. This also leads to improved grid system reliability, with improvements in SAIDI, SAIFI, and CAIFI grid reliability indices. To this end, Megger has acquired Metrycom, a technology leader in smart grid monitoring solutions. This acquisition supports the longer-term industry move to online monitoring solutions while complementing Megger’s partial discharge monitoring solutions for substation GIS and GIL assets.
  • We are transitioning from our core business position of offline test and measurement into online technology that service the renewable and address the needs pushed by the regulators

With a continuous focus on evolving with the market, Megger is heading toward a promising future. In the coming years, the company’s primary objective is to become the right analytical partner for electricity utilities and all customers engaging in power management. It will bring all the crucial data together to provide utilities with insight into all their critical assets and help them reduce outages. As a result, the company has planned to make more investments in cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML. Indeed, the growth trajectory that Megger has been on for the last two years has put it in the best position to significantly increase its size and market presence. “We want to continue to innovate and embrace new ideas, products and services, and complete our digital transformation,” Dodds concludes.