Noel McKim, Engineering Manager, MEYERNoel McKim, Engineering Manager
MEYER’s journey in the oil and gas industry began in 2006 with a goal to provide high-quality field services for well control equipment. Within six months, MEYER entered the manufacturing market and has since obtained API quality certifications–Q1-4204, Q1-4531, ISO-4910, 16D-0046, 16A-0589, and 6A-2224–across nine facilities nationwide, with international sales.

Today, MEYER manufactures, rents, services, and repairs a variety of closing and testing units for the oil and gas industry. With a steadfast commitment to quality, MEYER has been the partner of choice for many renowned oilfield services companies, including Schlumberger, Vault, Cameron, and TechnipFMC, as well as drilling companies like Nabors, Patterson-UTI, and Cactus Drilling. Majors, independents, and midsized companies trust MEYER to provide top-tier services in fracking and drilling.

MEYER’s oilfield equipment services are geared toward addressing a range of issues, including preventative maintenance, wellhead and BOP equipment repairs and maintenance services, and closing unit inspections, maintenance, and calibration.

Unplanned downtime can bring oil and gas operations to a grinding halt, resulting in lost productivity, delays, and revenue drain. Having been in the industry for over 15 years, MEYER understands the challenges clients often face and how they impact their business. To mitigate these problems, MEYER offers its proven preventive maintenance program, combining years of experience, service data, best practices, automation, and risk management procedures, to minimize NPT with reliability.

“We leverage some of the most advanced technologies around the preventive maintenance and lubrication of valves and fracs. As such, we have been able to increase safety and decrease cost always striving to ensure zero red-zone exposures, zero downtime, and massive reductions in NPT and maintenance costs,” says Noel McKim, MEYER’s Engineering Manager.

MEYER is at the forefront of utilizing advanced technologies in the industry, working closely with remote monitoring solutions. Engineers and operators can monitor operations from command centers across the globe and detect issues in frac valves, wellhead, and other critical components through cellular or Wi-Fi connections. The company also focuses on automating operations to enhance worker safety and reduce downtime while creating two-party authentication factors that allow smooth operation and less chance for human error.

Highlighting the key factors that led to MEYER’s success over the years, McKim says, “The fact that MEYER was originally founded as a service company is one of the main reasons why we are highly distinguished in the industry. We are out there, on-location, on drilling and fracking sites, every day. We have a firsthand view of the challenges clients face, and it helps us create unique and reliable solutions to address the pain points of each customer and operator.”
  • We leverage some of the most advanced technologies around the preventive maintenance and lubrication of valves and fracs

The full potential of MEYER’s solutions is best illustrated by the success story of one of its clients with a 150-stage frac in Haynesville. The high flow frac equipped with six valves on their zippers experienced failure in five of the six valves. The client ended up with approximately 36 hours of NPT, resulting in significant revenue losses. MEYER stepped in and provided the company with its proprietary SPYDER® Grease equipment that ensured zero valve failures and zero washouts. This technology has saved the industry millions of dollars, increasing equipment uptime and boosting efficiency.

As companies increasingly look to invest in newer technologies and smarter systems that can unlock efficiency and improve operator safety, MEYER is geared up to align itself with the new requirements and demands. The company is focusing on providing better communication and improving data acquisition and analytics to help clients make more informed decisions. Going forward, MEYER will continue to explore the possibilities associated with remote monitoring and predictive analytics to enable clients to ensure safe and compliant well control in even the most demanding environments.