The booming renewable energy industry has unequivocally established itself as a cost-competitive energy source worldwide. However, the world’s dramatic shift to renewable energy has created a growing list of challenges for operators tasked with servicing wind turbines and solar power plants. Due to a lack of competent field technicians, energy businesses may witness lower productivity, higher operating costs, and safety issues, highlighting the significance of qualified field services companies. This is where Mountain Renewables is moving the needle by providing superior industrial field services for solar and wind power plants across the U.S. As a family owned and operated organization, Mountain Renewables challenges the status quo by placing their employees first and foremost above all. The company invests heavily into training and developing talent to better offer full-scope and turn-key services. The secret sauce that gives Mountain Renewables an edge is employee-centricity; the company attributes its success to its people, and that’s what makes it different from its competitors.

“The entire leadership team at Mountain started their careers in the field, having over 60 years of combined experience in maintaining and operating Renewable Energy power plants. But that’s not why we are successful. Our entire success is derived from our front-line employees, especially our Lead Technicians! The primary role of our Field Engineers is to engage and empower our teams with high-value mentorship, technical support, and continuous improvement. Our culture of excellence is bar-none; as an employee-centric enterprise, we push each other to be great and it shows!” says Richie Cox, Senior Director of North America Operations with over two decades of experience in the field.

Mountain Renewables leverages their parent company Mountain Industrials to offer the best services and deliver maximum value. Mountain Industrials carries 25 years of experience servicing gas, refractories, and concrete plants. Based in Tehachapi, demand for their services on wind and solar power plants increased significantly; this is where the formation of Mountain Renewables was born. Built off the principles of safety, quality, and integrity, the two businesses continue to deliver value through results.

The journey of Mountain Renewables starts with family, friendship, and bold ideas. “Great technicians solve problems, great engineers solve the hardest problems, and great leaders make problem solving easier. As a team, we can solve any problem!” says Jacob Schultz, Vice President. “We set out to be different by challenging the status-quo by being employee-centric first and foremost. We make sure everyone has a voice and we listen. We are pushing wages higher, training more often, investing in mentorship, and paving the path for career success of everyone on our team. Our investments in digital have simplified, streamlined, automated, and intelligized resource and project management. We have real-time visibility to performance, productivity, and profitability with actionable insights that optimize operations. Through continuous improvement, we always ask ‘why’ with everything we do.

We have the resources, people, tooling, equipment, and experience to offer full-scope and turn-key services for our customers

Lastly, but certainly most important, we have fun everyday and that’s what makes our company great!”

Mountain Renewables is an all-inclusive service provider offering full-scope and turn-key services. Since formation, the company has maintained a proven track record of the three Ps—production, performance, and profitability—for multi-megawatt renewable energy projects.
The company offers its services under three divisions: construction, large correctives, operations and maintenance.

In the construction division, the company provides services related to building and re-powering wind turbine generators. The large correctives division is focused on replacing and repairing major components, such as inverters, gearboxes, generators, blades, blade bearings, main bearings, and tower sections. In the operations and maintenance division, the company provides troubleshooting and preventative maintenance services.

Jeff Larson is the Sr. Field Engineer who leads the large correctives division at Mountain. With over a decade of experience at the forefront of R&D, Jeff leads his teams to solve the most dangerous scopes of work. “When a turbine has a catastrophic failure or major component exchange, our customers rely on us to return the machine to service as safe as possible. Safety and quality are the most important aspects of what we do; when you’re picking a gearbox at 300’, you don’t get to be wrong! Our team has the resources, tooling, and equipment for multiple wind turbine makes and models. If we need a custom tool for a specific scope and it is not available at the time, we engineer and build it. That’s what we do, we solve problems!”

The center piece to this business is relationships. Mountain Renewables has partnered up with top Utilities and OEM’s offering simplified, reliable, and economic options to the industry. Jason Kusters, VP of Business development states, “At the heart of Mountain Renewables success lies its relationships with employees and customers, providing expert field services, economic solutions, and project execution backed by high-performing teams of technicians and field engineers who are laser-focused on delivering high-quality service and executing a project safely. While customers continue to cost out, and find the LCOE, Mountain Renewables continues to be flexible in offering economic solutions to solve industry challenges with some of the best in the industry. Our plan was to nail it before we scale it; our teams have been doing both successfully while maintaining profitability through growth.” When customers hire Mountain, they know ideal results will be delivered.