Steven Dworkin, President, MPINaradaSteven Dworkin, President
Energy consumption has increased immensely across industry verticals of late. This ongoing trend has turned energy storage into a burning topic. Swiss bank UBS has predicted that the energy storage market will be a $425 billion industry in the next ten years. Governments in different regions of the world are taking new measures to address tomorrow’s energy needs. For example, Massachusetts in the US has enacted a new regulation Clean Peak Standard (CPS) that invites wind and solar energy companies to integrate energy storage into their projects. In such a scenario, companies are searching for efficient partners who can help them prepare for the future through energy storage innovation.

Massachusetts-based company MPINarada has emerged as the sought-after energy storage solutions and battery technology enablement company, ready to fulfill the challenging demands of the organizations. Besides offering comprehensive, turnkey battery solutions, MPINarada can build containers, cabinets, and specialized modules for the integrators. The company has six factories across the globe through which it delivers reliable energy storage solutions. Apart from a dynamic infrastructure, it has a dedicated team of experts across departments who are zealous about customer satisfaction. “We do whatever it takes to ensure the success of our client projects,” affirms Steven Dworkin, President of MPINarada. “In addition to product development and support, we can help them in arranging finance for the projects.” Known for delivering safe lithium-iron-phosphate solutions and systems, the company addresses versatile applications such as peak load-shaving, energy arbitrage, and others. It has the capacity to supply multi-megawatt solutions quickly, as well.

Over the last 25 years of its journey in the battery supplies space, MPINarada has progressed to supplying VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) and lithium batteries to offering large format lithium batteries. The company’s integrated lead carbon and lithium solutions, driven by high-value engineering, are a rarity in the energy space. Organizations from across the world appreciate MPINarada for its commitment to quality and the ability to address the unique business needs of its clients. In North America specifically, the company caters to firms from diverse industries, including energy storage, critical power, telecom, co-location and hyperscale data centers, and OEMs.
Mike Sirard, EVP
Team MPINarada employs a consultative client engagement approach in order to understand the engineering, delivery, and cost challenges of its clients and recommending the most beneficial solution for the entire project lifecycle. The team comprises well-versed employees who excel in scaling, integrating, and delivering solutions with outstanding efficiency. “Responsiveness and integrity are other key differentiators for us in the market,” says Mike Sirard EVP of MPINarada.

Known for delivering safe lithium-iron-phosphate solutions and systems, MPINarada addresses versatile applications such as peak load-shaving, energy arbitrage, and others

In a case study, MPINarada’s energy storage solution appeared as a panacea for one of the company’s clients. With effective energy utilization, the client was able to achieve cost benefits and faster ROI on the solution. What did the trick is the effective storage of solar energy produced during the day. Rather than having the newly generated solar energy spent instantly, MPINarada's solutions stores it during the evening. With the growing interest and investment in the renewable energy space, MPINarada is focusing more on the energy supply distribution. The agenda is to help clients gain maximum value out of every dollar they spend on energy management.

MPINarada is looking forward to catering to the diverse needs of its local customers in North America that are growing globally. The company will continue to deliver best-in-class experience to its clients in the future.