How does any energy company today submit natural gas nominations (noms) to ship their gas across the U.S. pipeline grid? Gas shippers must visit over a 100 different pipeline websites everyday and hand-type this! This is a time consuming and error-prone process managed via several spreadsheets. Errors can lead to rejected noms, lost space on a pipeline, and trading losses. To make matters worse, after hand-typing the gas noms into multiple websites, the gas shippers must then hand-type the same information into their company’s internal billing systems causing redundancy. One company is changing this messy process forever. has built a multi-pipeline natural gas nominations dashboard using which gas shippers can submit their noms to multiple pipelines using one website. Nom one & done®—this software eliminates hand-typing and also auto-feeds all noms into the shipper’s in-house billing system, thereby freeing up employees to focus on more mentally challenging revenue generating tasks.

Houston-based has developed its proprietary software (gNom) to address the gas industry’s biggest pain point. The CEO and Founder of, Jay Bhatty talks about the companies that struggle to make money as both natural gas prices and volatility are at historic lows. “Every company wants to “do more with less” and that’s what our software helps them do,” mentions Bhatty. The software helps save costs and time which is a concern for every company in the oil and gas space.

Bhatty credits the success of the gNom platform to his innovative team of programmers who understand the challenges faced by gas schedulers. During development, gNom was tested with over a 100 different gas pipelines and is also certified by the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB)®. Pricing is based on a per pipeline subscription model. Since it’s cloud-based, there is no software to purchase or any upfront installation cost. Shippers can log into the dashboard using any browser. “Our software is linked to customers’ energy trading and risk management (ETRM) systems which allow the nominations to flow automatically from their system into our software,” says Bhatty.

Submit all your gas nominations from one website, instead of several. Nom one & done!

The software submits all those nominations to each pipeline without the employees having to type any of that information manually.

When a growing mid-sized energy company with 24 gas schedulers was struggling to submit nominations to 48 different pipelines, it turned to Their nominations were being rejected due to typos causing delays in gas delivery. simplified the entire process where the nomination would automatically flow from their trade capture system to the gNom software and directly onward to multiple pipelines. This led to reduced data entry errors, time savings, and profit generation. It also led to less stress and happier employees as gas scheduling is a very deadline-oriented process. The software also automatically gathers pipeline flow data from several pipeline websites and informs shippers where potential constraints could pop up. Shippers can set custom alerts thereby preventing the need to constantly monitor each pipeline’s website and gain an informational advantage over competitors. This data can also be used for analytics to drive gas trading decisions.

In the near future, NatGasHub. com plans to establish a presence in the Canadian market, which Bhatty considers to be of immense importance as many of the same shippers are submitting similar gas nominations to Canadian pipelines. After establishing its footprint in the US and Canada, the company also plans to focus on the crude oil and NGL pipeline markets as Bhatty believes their software can target any commodity that moves through a pipeline.