The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has resulted in an explosion of data in the energy sector. By applying intelligence to the data collected from IoT sensors, companies can increase productivity, improve operational efficiency, and realize tremendous cost savings.

As industrial customers have become more dependent on energy for production, the focus for facility managers has shifted from reducing energy costs to maximizing energy availability and equipment uptime. CIO’s now incorporate IoT to identify smart ways to save.

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Naya Energy is a provider of data-driven energy management technology, which provides an ideal solution to these pressing challenges by integrating data from the connected devices, and monitoring the way energy is consumed for developing smart energy management systems.

“Our analytic platform overlays numerous data sources with energy data to provide effective energy management insight specific to our customers’ business drivers,” says Ketan C. Patel, CEO of Naya Energy.

Energy management systems are the most important factor for sustainable economic growth, since they address the three C’s of measuring and reporting energy efficiency: Certainty, Credibility, and Consistency. Naya Energy strives to implement a practical approach to energy management via its series of products and services, namely: Naya ESP (Energy Sensing Platform), Nayalerts, and Nayalytics.

Naya ESP is an analytics platform, which integrates data collected from connected devices, such as sensors, and delivers actionable insights for customers at minimal incremental cost. Naya ESP provides customers with Nayalytics, an analytic service that monitors the health of the electrical equipment and senses the units that are under-performing or likely to breakdown. Once the equipment is actively monitored, Nayalerts provide contextual notifications to the appropriate people with respect to maintenance, efficiency, potential equipment failure and peak demand penalties.

Our analytic platform overlays numerous data sources with energy data to provide effective energy management solutions specific to our customers’ business drivers

Naya Energy’s bill analysis helps customers understand how they are charged for electricity and compares their rate plan with actual energy use, identifying specific ways for the organization to save money.

Naya’s energy management platform focuses on industries (such as mining and processing plants, hospitality, medical facilities, retail and more) where the energy consumption is extensive and/or 99.99 percent uptime is required by the business.

“Our approach focuses on identifying energy and rate inefficiencies, which organizations typically have not been able to consider,” asserts Patel. “Naya ESP allows businesses to manage costs without sacrificing productivity or growth.”

Over the years, Naya Energy has been guiding and supporting its clients to enhance their business and to help them thrive in the more costly global energy market. In one example, VI International, a fish processing plant in Thailand, has eight compressors of which two units were consuming 75 percent more power than the others resulting in cost increases due to inefficiencies. Naya ESP’s active monitoring and intelligent analytics determined that the compressors needed maintenance, thereby saving thousands of dollars for the company.

An emerging area of focus for Naya Energy is helping customers understand demand and demand-related savings opportunities.

“As rate plans evolve and companies explore alternative generation and storage solutions as part of their energy cost management initiatives, understanding device-level energy usage, particularly demand, will be vital to this process,” concludes Patel.