Karl Kotalik, President and CEO, NC4Karl Kotalik, President and CEO
Natural disasters and incidents such as cyberattacks, political and civil unrest, terrorist attacks, infrastructure failures, economic threats, transportation disruptions, and market volatility all have the potential to become costly, tumultuous events in the energy industry. NC4®, a leader in all-hazards monitoring, is standing up to the challenge of detecting threats, managing incidents, and mitigating risk exposure. NC4 provides a wide array of safety and security solutions at every organizational layer of energy sector related enterprises— including utilities, oil and gas exploration, alternative energy producers and transportation firms.

Awarded for its high-quality, customizable, actionable alerts, comprehensive context, and relevant intelligence, NC4 Risk Center™ is the firm’s flagship risk management solution. Working from the NC4 International Monitoring Centers, intelligence analysts detect, analyze, and report hazardous incidents globally in real time.

“NC4 Risk Center keeps security personnel, employees, and other stakeholders vigilant of any incident,” says Karl Kotalik, president and CEO of NC4. “Physical and cyber security are two of the most pressing issues facing the energy sector right now. Electrical grids have always been at the receiving end of serious threats and natural disasters; the Metcalf substation sniper attack and Hurricane Sandy demonstrated the kind of damage that can be done to this critical infrastructure.” More utility companies are implementing NC4 solutions as part of programs addressing regulatory requirements of critical infrastructure protection (CIP 14) including evaluating and mitigating threats and vulnerabilities.

Complimentary to the award-winning Risk Center, NC4 offers several integrations that extend the value to organizations and their people. “The oil and gas industry have a particular need for global travel to countries that have experienced numerous threats and incidents, and to cover the legal Duty of Care to employees,” Kotalik says. ActivWeather alerts customers of weather crises, as well as the residual risks that could impact organizations in the aftermath of an event. ActivTravel™ transmits real-time incident data to help ensure the safety of traveling employees.

Our solutions provide customers with incident reporting in real time, covering minor to major incidents within minutes of their occurrence

ActivPoint™ is a 360-degree travel risk exposure and situational awareness GPS-enabled tool, which combines traveler tracking, travel intelligence, and real-time threat alerts.

NC4 Signal™ is an open-source intelligence tool designed to filter through the endless flow of information across the web and even the dark web, keeping security teams one step ahead with customizable streams of rich, relevant data in real time.

NC4 also services the largest cyber defense networks in the world. NC4’s Cyber Defense Network offers combined physical and cyber defense to provide organizations with complete risk management solutions. Most critical infrastructures including Finance, Defense, and Energy use NC4 tools to accelerate cyber and physical defense.

NC4 is constantly investing in resources to introduce new features. NC4 Risk Center includes a robust RESTful API supporting industry standard XML and JSON formats, which allows integration with GIS platforms like ESRI ArcGIS and visualization tools including Everbridge’s Visual Command Center and Qognify Situator, which aggregates data from a myriad of sources for situational awareness. The NC4 Risk Center data is also used by many large enterprises to enhance their proprietary applications used for minimizing risk exposure and achieving enhanced security.

Industry leaders who care about risk management, continuity of operations, cyber threats, as well as their reputation, employees, and assets, can benefit from NC4 solutions. “As organizations are responsible for the security of their digital and physical assets, and the safety of their employees, they need to have clear visibility to the potential threats and incidents that could affect them,” Kotalik says. “We can help.”