Monitoring, tracking, and optimizing the complete oil well performance have always been the key to success for the oil and gas companies. However, the oil and gas sector today, is under a hulking pressure to efficiently manage the complete well lifecycle across all its stages to increase the value of their assets. The need of the hour of the oil and gas firm is to implement an effective and affordable cloud-based production reporting software that has the ability to track and optimize their entire operation. Founded with an objective to help firms capture, manage, and analyze the exploration and production (E&P) information, NeoFirms help clients to efficiently run their business and make better and timely decisions. The Texas based firm—NeoFirma provides the energy companies with an easy-to-use, affordable cloud-based oil and gas software to capture field data, manage operations, and optimize spending. The cloud-based software includes robust drilling and production reporting features that enable customers to efficiently conduct maintenance tracking and authorization for expenditure management.

NeoFirma, an energy software company believes that an effective E&P sector within the oil and gas industry can greatly improve the efficiency of an entire well lifecycle. NeoFirma is a SaaS cloud-based well management platform that includes Drilling, Production and Non-Operated Management capabilities helping the E&P companies looking to respond to business conditions faster. With its unique capabilities, NeoFirma allows the operations, production and finance departments of an organization to quickly and accurately get a complete picture of their business operation. NeoFirma’s cloud-based solution efficiently manages all the E&P projects of an oil and gas company from a single location, and through their operational reporting and well work tracking technology. The cost-efficient technology further helps customers to streamline all the key oilfield workflows and makes better, safer, and more profitable decisions.

NeoFirma’s modular, cloud-based and unified software platform scales itself to fulfill the oil and gas industry needs The company offer a range of products including—Production Operations, Well Work, and MineralFile that helps customers to manage well assets seamlessly.

NeoFirma Drilling makes reporting more seamless and accountable from the well site

Well Work is NeoFirma’s cloud-based tool supports all phases of well work – from drilling and completion to workover, recompletion, well repair, and maintenance, and can efficiently track well works projects, creates reports, and manages field expenses.

The company has recently launched its NeoFirma Drilling, the only integrated drilling and production management application offering an enhanced ability for operators to track, monitor and obtain reporting to see the linkage between wellhead budgets, costs and production. “NeoFirma Drilling makes reporting more seamless and accountable from the well site,” says Steve Haglund, CEO of NeoFirma. “E&Ps seeking the next generation of monitoring, tracking and reporting systems throughout the well lifecycle will find this to be a high value platform,” adds Hagland.

Recently, NeoFirma worked with Seaboard Operating Company, a small, independent E&P oil firm that faced problems in manual data management process. The client’s spent numerous hours a day in taking the data to aggregate it into a usable solution that they could send out in a different report every single day. NeoFirma provided the client with a solution where in once the data was entered, it was pushed to the cloud for easy access and without having the need to install the software. Further, to check the service provided by NeoFirma, the client launched a pilot program in which NeoFirma’s product excelled.

Envisioning the future, NeoFirma foresees its cloud-based solutions in helping E&P companies to improve reporting and operational efficiencies, while delivering real-time reporting and transparency to their partners.