The adoption of mobile and location aware technologies in the ever growing energy industry has helped various executives boost productivity and mitigate risks. CIOs are indebted to the custom mobile forms and data collection products that allow field personnel to track and report their processes. Even though these technological aspects are important for the energy sector, it is difficult for companies to implement it due to high costs and the security threats involved. New Century Software, a Fort Collins, CO based company is effectively tackling these difficulties through mobile and location aware technological services at a relatively low of cost and in a more secured manner.

The company provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) enabled pipeline integrity management software products to energy transportation enterprises especially in the oil and gas industry. Its Enterprise GIS Implementation software facilitates oil and gas transporting organizations to manage their integrated pipeline information through graphical view and enhance the workflow and productivity. The company also assures data accuracy and security since it provides a flexible data management system that streamlines the entire data management—from collection to delivery—with its Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) expertise.

Apart from these software products, the company also provides offline event management software called Facility Manager. This allows their clients manage offline events with automated reports. Additionally, New Century’s Alignment Manager is an inspection alignment application through which pipeline integrity engineers can align Inline Inspection (ILI) and Close Interval Survey (CIS) data under PODS database. “Alignment Manager allows engineers to accurately correlate ILI data with the GIS centerline to get a more complete picture of the condition of the pipeline, accelerating their ability to use that data to make key decisions,” says Ron Brush, President, New Century Software. The company’s Spatial Risk Analyst software facilitates oil and gas corporations to perform risk analysis of pipelines right from the construction period, ensuring safe and reliable transportation environment. “Built on a strong foundation of improving data quality and data management practices, our solutions have expanded to encompass pipeline integrity management and regulatory compliance.

Our solutions have expanded to encompass pipeline integrity management and regulatory compliance

The addition of risk analysis services demonstrates our commitment to clients and reinforces our pledge to enable safer energy transportation,” states Brush.

Furthermore, New Century Software also offers a Geometric Network Synchronizer solution to ensure the accuracy of the geometric data of the pipelines. For instance, an oil and gas transporting company was experiencing difficulties in analyzing its pipeline data and was making important decisions based on the inaccurate data. After implementing the Geometric Network Synchronizer, the client was able to track its pipeline data, get accurate information about the quality and other features of pipelines and make quick and intelligent decisions.

Moving ahead, the company is planning to add more tools and stay updated in every aspect of pipeline management. Since the consumption of energy will increase at an elevated level in the upcoming years, the need for dynamic pipeline solutions will be the most wanted elements in the energy transportation industry. Hence, New Century Software is stepping forward to innovate and build pipeline solutions to address the growing needs. After opening a new division named Integrity plus in Houston, TX, “New Century and its Integrity Plus both continue to grow in employee size, product offerings, and capabilities,” concludes Brush.