Digitalization can enable energy companies to enhance operational as well as security aspects of the power plants.

FREMONT, CA: Digitalization of power plants can aid the firms that are eyeing to streamline their processes to gain on production efficiency. Digitalization will also aid in workflow optimization, condition-based maintenance, and agile working. According to an estimate, firms can increase plant efficiency by up to 3 percent. Digital solutions can offer a wide range of benefits to the power plants. Here is an insight into how digitalization can unlock the hidden potential of power plants.

Enhanced Efficiency

A power plant’s efficiency is evaluated based on heat rate. Improvement in heat rate means that the plant needs less fuel, thereby saving on costs as well as emission disposal. The introduction of digital tools and analytics solutions will enable the plant operators to understand the cause of performance inefficiencies, offer insight on how to address the problems, and subsequently monitor improvements. 

Improved Maintenance 

Maintenance is critical as well as a complicated aspect of power plants. Usually, there is a gap between the plans and day-to-day maintenance requirements. For instance, if a scheduler planning a job fails to provide the tools and parts required for maintenance, the crew may lose time in assembling those parts. Companies can address this issue by introducing digital tools and dashboards that track workflows and plant components while offering a platform to the maintenance personnel for sharing best practices.


Power plants involve large and complex equipment where a small incident can have disastrous consequences. Thus, it is essential to have an efficient monitoring system that can observe the working of individual components. Such a system of connected devices can be realized with the help of digital tools and devices. Later the data gathered from the digital devices can be monitored to enhance security capabilities.

The digitalization of power plants can result in significant performance gains, along with a better understanding of the operational workflow for the energy industry.

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