The technology-driven evolution of solar power resources is resulting in the emergence of highly efficient and effective solar panels.

FREMONT, CA: The emerging technologies are transforming the solar energy generation processes with a promise to enhance the quality of energy efficiency and production. Today, solar panels are being popularly adopted by various companies to encourage the use of clean energy. With the aid of advanced technologies, today, solar panels produce high energy that can be utilized for industrial purposes. According to Solar Reviews, some of the key solar technology innovations hold the capability to bring the biggest impacts across the world in the next few years. Here are some crucial solar technologies transforming energy generation methods.

Solar fabric

Today, the energy production method is not only limited to a fixed position or area-based solar panel installment. Solar fabrics make it feasible for technologists to design solar filament-embedded clothing solutions. Solar fiber-based fabrics can aid the users to keep warmer in winter and generate power that can charge gadgets and mobile phones. Various researchers are attempting to utilize different technologies with solar fabrics to build facilities like advanced curtains for minimizing power consumption from the installed grid.

Floating Solar Farms

As the silicon-comprised panels have become more easy-to-use and cost-effective in recent years, engineers have devised the idea of using large water bodies and reservoirs for installing solar farms. The massive water bodies make it easy to install several solar panels at a time, making it simple to generate massive energy. Incorporating the floating solar panels is less expensive than the land-based solar panels.

Solar Skins

With the help of Photo-Voltaic (PV) technology, solar skins allow the customization of solar panel systems. This technology can be deployed in numerous ways, such as buses’ windows, buildings’ walls, and more. The solar skins utilize thin-film with selective light filtration advancements, enabling the filtered sunlight to reach the solar cells embedded in it. The solar skins embedded into solar panels can be altered to match the rooftops and grassy lawns of homes. Today, this technology proves to be highly useful for business or government offices, enabling professionals to save money by offsetting high electricity bills.

The solar energy-producing companies are eyeing to the opportunities to investing in such technology development endeavors. From customized solar panels to solar-powered clothes that camouflage with the environment, the cost-effective solar energy-producing techniques are emerging as the next-generation energy solutions.