Promising a higher degree of reliability, OTEC is increasingly being utilized as a means of renewable energy.

FREMONT, CA: Clean and green sources of energy are constantly replacing traditional energy sources. Alternative means of energy like solar, wind, geothermal, and marine are emerging as the frontrunners when it comes to sustainable energy sources. Ocean thermal energy has caught the interest of researchers in the past few years.

Oceans are the enormous reservoir of energy on the earth’s surface. As the sun shines, it transfers heat energy to the oceans, causing the surface water to get warmer than water in the depth of the oceans. Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) uses the temperature difference between the surface and deep waters to generate electric power. The heat from the ocean’s surface is used to drive a belt-like conveyor which rotates to produce energy. Here are the primary reasons why researchers are especially interested in OTEC.

Perennial Source of Energy 

Oceans contain around 97 percent of the earth’s water and have negligible chances of running out. The difference in temperatures will also occur in the ocean bodies, which make OTEC renewable. Thus, OTEC, as a means of green energy source, is gaining traction across the globe. 

High Reliability

Various renewable sources of energy remain underutilized due to natural constraints. For instance, energy generated due to solar and wind power can be sporadic due to weather variations. Alternatively, OTEC is a reliable source of energy as the temperature difference in the ocean will always be there.


OTEC plants are cost-effective. Apart from installation costs, operational and maintenance costs are affordable while considering the returns gained from the production of electric energy. The staff needed to operate the floating OTEC plants is also minimal, thereby limiting expenses related to human resources.

The above advantages associated with OTEC make it crucial for firms eyeing to leverage renewable sources of energy.

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