IoT enables precise measurements and surveillance capability throughout the processes involved in the oil and gas industry.

FREMONT, CA: The internet of things (IoT) is increasingly digging deep inroads into the gas and oil industry. With the highly complex and sensitive nature of operations involved in the industry, IoT promises a sense of enhanced transparency into the complex ecosystem of equipment involved with the oil and gas sector. Further, the demand for standardization of the processes and the need for interoperability are driving the growth of IoT in the refineries. Here are the major benefits of using IoT for the operations involved in the oil and gas industry.

Optimize Drilling

Drilling is a key aspect of the oil and gas industry. With an increase in depth of the drilling procedures, the condition for the drilling equipment becomes potentially adverse. Rig operators need to take exact measurements to extract oil during the entire drilling procedure. Thus, IoT forms an essential toolkit for the rig operators. IoT devices can enable the rig operators to minimize risks and carry out complex drilling operations seamlessly.

Pipeline Surveillance

The damaged pipeline can result in environmental, financial, as well as reputational damage to the company. Going by the trends, it’s not an uncommon issue in the oil and gas industry. IoT devices can monitor the pipeline systems, including its various components such as pumps, pipes, and filters. In the absence of IoT technology, companies have to depend on human resources for routine checks and maintenance, which can be both costly and inadequate. Moreover, IoT capability enables in the efficient management of human resources as maintenance work needs to be carried out only in case of a notification generated by any of the IoT devices.

Refinery Checks

IoT aids in the measurement of various refinery parameters such as flow rate, pipe pressure, and others. Since various measurements pertaining to refineries need to be taken and processed, it can be a tedious as well as costly venture if carried out manually. Further, IoT allows the measurement of data even from the places that are difficult to be accessed by humans.

IoT offers immense potential for the oil and gas sector. Firms are increasingly incorporating the technology across their systems to gain better visibility into their systems.

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