Emerging means allow customers to opt for renewable energy to meet charging needs, aligning energy source availability and savings settings.

FREMONT, CA: Currently, the global energy system is facing enormous challenges. The transport fleet is changing to electric vehicles, where energy usage is greener in this context. Electric cars and renewable energy synergies are important today for ensuring energy security, prohibiting pollution, and promoting energy-saving and emission reduction. As per Climate Week NYC, transportation is going in the right direction by seeing to combine the profits of electric vehicles and renewable energy.

Following is an exploration of emerging renewable energy charging options presently offered.

• Network Charging

Sometimes, customers can access the station's network to charge their EVs with renewable energy. For example, energy technology developers have developed a network setting program that permits customers to source their charging electricity from solar and wind power. Customers can enroll in this network charging option in a pay-as-you-go or membership plan.

• Managed Charging

Using managed-to-charge programs, customers can manage the timing of electric vehicle charging with renewable energy availability and grid requirements while still meeting customer needs. This means customers can delay setting for up to an hour each day to better align with available renewable energy in a swap for lower charging rates.

• Charging with On-Site Renewables

Electric vehicle charging can be bonded with on-site renewable energy production by co-locating vehicles with on-site solar energy systems and batteries. This program provides customers access to charging stations, and when not in use, the energy is stored in battery systems.

Numerous cities and companies have established objectives to convert their vehicles to EVs and power them with renewable energy sources. Therefore, exploring new ways to charge EVs with renewable energy sources is crucial to maximizing emission reductions with this rising trend.