GPS-based fleet management protects oil and gas fleets from theft, misappropriation, and hazardous conditions, thereby improving safety and productivity.

FREMONT, CA: Companies that work in the oil and gas industry is making significant investments in fleets to keep their business running. Although the rewards of this trend are well worth, oil and gas business leaders need to protect those investments along the way too. A tracking solution can help improve fleet operations. GPS tracking is a valuable tool that can provide many essential benefits for the industry. Know more here.

• Remote Monitoring

With GPS-bases fleet management, oil and gas firms van monitor their fleet activity from any place at any time. Knowing what is happening with the fleet in real-time will help forms stay on top of fleet operations. With an advanced GPS solution, firms can access fleet activity through maps that are updated automatically. With this, firms can also communicate with drivers for dispatching and messaging purposes. Real-time location intelligence allows to quickly verifying the locations of the fleet to protect it against theft.

• Tracking Integration

Integration is an incredibly important process in fleet management. It is essential to integrate GIS overlays to view vehicle location data. Viewing both vehicle locations and work locations can be beneficial to make the fleet management process more effective. Alerts can also be sent based on the tracking data in case of emergencies so that drivers can be safe and secure under a manager’s watch.

• Driver and Fleet Safety

GPS solutions in oil and gas fleet management can also encourage drivers to operate the vehicle safely with intelligent driver tools. GPS solutions can set and send near real-time, in-fleet alerts to notify drivers when they speed, neglect to wear a seatbelt, brake too harshly, or accelerate too fast. Drivers can also monitor their hours to keep them safe and within legal limits. Vehicles can be armed with GPS tracking devices that monitor various conditions, including temperature and fuel levels, so the managers can determine if the vehicle is operating safely and efficiently.

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