The software streamlines the process of managing tasks by creating custom forms and workflows on a team that guides members through their tasks.

FREMONT, CA: Considering renewable energy as the wave of the future, then processes need to be able to handle that challenge as well. Even though having a paper trail on how renewable assets are managed, being able to track purchases, repairs, and general maintenance, is always helpful. In this case, the software is of great importance. A software system for managing energy assets allows you to keep track of tasks and asset information anywhere and on any device, such as a mobile device or a computer. Although it takes time and effort to establish a workflow and process suitable for a team's specific needs, investing in asset management software can ultimately result in an easier job. There will be an increase in business as a result of this.

Reduces time and costs

Automating renewable asset management saves energy companies time and money simultaneously. It takes physical notes on paper to track every project or day-to-day process step. Depending on the task, it only requires minimal personnel on the site and only a mobile device with the right software. A document is filled out, tasks completed, and information sent on to the next person with asset management software. In real-time, there is no need to mail forms or wait to see if a task has been completed since the software monitors everything in real-time as it is being completed.

Enforcing compliance

Green power monitors are required to certify compliance with strict standards and rules. Buildings, renewable energy, and water conservation guidelines monitoring by the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, and compliance is demonstrated. Companies can take immediate action when an issue is detected by monitoring performance and limiting asset downtime. A simple touch of a button allows to digitally display how solar and wind farm assets meet compliance standards.

Accurate and accessible data

Implementing automated green energy asset management software will give all the information companies need. Certificates, contracts, project forms, estimates, and more are accessed wherever they have access to the software. An administrator can quickly assess what stage a task or project is in and take action. In addition to allowing easier monitoring of processes, it also allows them to better streamlines. A team's parameters or software design can easily determine data accuracy.