Digitalization is not just reshaping how the nuclear energy industry functions but also causing companies to think differently about how they perform.

FREMONT, CA: As all aspects of the energy system become more digital, the world is seeing better outcomes for energy providers, end-users, the economy, and the environment. Digitalization has been implemented in many energy industries. Now, it's time for the nuclear energy industry to put in necessary digitalization efforts to guarantee survival and success. The nuclear energy industry looks like it is set for a bright future as it continues on the path to digitalization. 

Digital solutions support improved safety, and reduces costs associated with operations and deliver greater efficiency. A digital solution like enterprise asset performance management enables nuclear power plant operators to respond to challenges quickly, and move from a reactive to a proactive maintenance strategy. With this, nuclear equipment longevity can be extended, and expensive emergency repairs could be eliminated. Digitalization also helps in preventing unplanned downtime, saving the operator cost, effort, and time in the long term.

Fundamentally, digital solutions take raw data, which can then be transformed into insights. These insights can empower workers with actionable information while simplifying and automating plant operations. This allows for efficient planning, as data can be shared with the whole supply chain, and results in greater overall operational efficiency. With the arrival of data analytics solutions, nuclear engineers need to spend less time digging through data and more time acting on it. This means that they can monitor plant conditions and conduct maintenance more efficiently and effectively. With digital technologies that enable real-time network monitoring and anomaly-detection, cyberattacks can also be detected and contained before they do any damage.

Digitalizing nuclear energy generation operations and integrating digital technology into the nuclear industry is not just an opportunity, but it is a necessity to meet demanding requirements for performance, budgets, deadlines, and industrial quality.    

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