Geothermal energy pumps can effectively meet the energy requirements for the regions that experience cold climate. 

FREMONT, CA: People are often confused with the idea of leveraging geothermal energy in cold climates. Many believe that such a prospect is impractical. However, the fact is that geothermal energy can be effectively used in areas where the temperature is below the freezing point. The reason behind this fact is that the ground temperature is constant throughout the year. 

Another reason that often leads to doubts over the ineffectiveness of geothermal energy as some believe that such a system would require additional energy backup, as is the case with standard heat pumps. However, geothermal heating pumps don’t need external energy to function. Even when the outside temperature is below freezing, the ground temperature will be high enough for the geothermal heat pumps. However, extracting heat via geothermal means does face one challenge.

 The traditional, less expensive heat pumps are laid horizontally, but such a setup could be challenging in winter. Compared to the summers, the ground freezes in winter, and it can be difficult for the horizontally laid pipes to function amidst the frozen grounds. Vertical installation can address this challenge. The vertical installation ensures that heat pumps go deep into the earth and are unaffected by the frozen ground. The places that experience harsh winters are more likely to benefit from the vertical installation. Another advantage of opting for vertical installation is that it requires less space as compared to the horizontal installation. Further, vertical setup can be accomplished with fewer amounts of pipe installations.

The key requisite to geothermal installations is to ensure that the geothermal pumps are the right fit for the energy needed. For instance, an incorrectly sized geothermal pump will not suffice the energy needs during cold days of winter, and the users might have to depend on an alternative energy source to meet their power requirements. The awareness and proliferation of geothermal energy will result in its widespread adoption in the colder regions across the globe.

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