Monty Collins has been appointed as the President of CECO Pipeline Services Company to bolster excellence.   

FREMONT, CA: CECO Pipeline Services Company has appointed Monty Collins as its President to assume the day-to-day leadership of the company. Mr. Collins is a seasoned leader with years of experience working in the oil & gas industry. He has been working efficiently at scale and delivering value to shareholders as well. Mr. Collins served as the VP, Construction Management in TRC Companies, Inc and held senior and executive-level positions for the last 30 years with various oil & gas related companies like NextEra Energy Resources, Universal Pegasus International and Spectra Energy. The new President of CECO Pipeline Services is a former executive at Spectra Energy.  

CECO Pipeline Services Company is thrilled to have Monty Collins join the team with his extensive leadership experience in the oil & gas sector and operational background. The company believes that Mr. Collins, with his experience, will bring the tremendous benefit that will optimize CECO Pipeline Services Company's business strategies. 

CECO Pipeline Services Company is a reputed pipeline contractor, specializing in pipeline integrity, major recoat projects, anomaly digs, and construction jobs. The company provides all the quality, efficient, and safe solutions needed to build, repair, maintain or upgrade a business's pipeline and facility infrastructure. With decades of experience, a proven devotion to safe operation, and an industry-leading level of quality, CECO can tailor a solution for any application. CECO aims to be the best company in the oil and gas industry, elevating the safety and quality of products and customer service. CECO is proud of its extensive offerings and facilities, streamlined processes, and advanced machining capabilities.