2020 is expected to mark the beginning to a new decade for clean energy as trends predict a surge in innovations and reduced dependence on fossil fuels.

FREMONT, CA: These are transformative times for the energy sector. The dynamics in the energy markets are also changing. Clean energy finally seems potent enough to take over. The last decade saw a gradual alignment of the energy sector’s goals with sustainability initiatives. The prices of technological interventions came down, opening the door for commercial adoption. In the current decade, clean energy is expected to make deeper inroads into the market and displace fossil fuels. All of the changes will start taking shape in 2020. Some of the trends that will define clean energy in 2020 are discussed below.

• Replacing Natural Gas in Kitchens

The feasibility of all-electric cooking systems has evolved to become affordable enough. This has set off discussions about ending natural gas supplies to households for cooking purposes. The use of natural gas for cooking contributes significantly to carbon emissions. A gradual ban on natural gas in houses can thus be expected. However, the use of natural gas in power generation is expected to continue owing to the lack of better alternatives.

• Competitively Priced Solar Power

The fall in the price of technology and equipment used in solar power generation is finally enabling solar energy to compete against energy from fossil fuels.In some cases, energy generated from solar has become more affordable than other conventional sources. One of the cleanest sources of energy, solar, already has the backing of governments.2020 will see more incentives for solar power producers, as well as consumers, as new policies get framed.

• The Decline of Coal

Coal-powered power plants are under increasing financial stress owing to the fall in prices of clean energy. The number of wind and solar energy plants is rising with better battery technology and smart grid adoptions. Simultaneously, the dependence on coal is falling rapidly. 2020 will contribute towards disempowering coal as a source of energy and pave the way for the ultimate closure of coal-based power generation facilities.

The growing consciousness regarding environmental issues is fostering technological advancements in the energy sector. With these at the core, the energy sector in 2020 will remain inclined towards clean energy.

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