EnergyBot has secured funds to enable the company's growth, and revolutionize how businesses buy and think about their energy usage. 

FREMONT, CA: An innovative energy broker transforming the energy procurement process for businesses, EnergyBot, has raised capital in the round of series B funding led by a group of strategic investors in the energy industry. The raised money will be used to bolster the company's growth trajectory and product expansion. With the newest addition to the Texas market, the funding will enable EnergyBot to attract new suppliers and technology platforms. The new round of raised funds will also be used to expand into new markets and diversify the product portfolio. The areas that the company will center on is the expansion into the Texas energy market, new data sources and algorithms for better end-user product or service pricing and adding new marketing channels.

EnergyBot now has a clear idea about its future after working rigorously for more than a year to gain insight into the current state of the energy marketplace. The company can now create a new buying experience that will serve customers better. EnergyBot focuses on simplicity and transparency, and with this ideal vision, its platform will change how businesses purchase and think about their energy usage.

EnergyBot is an innovative energy broker revolutionizing the energy procurement process for businesses. Driven by a proprietary technology platform, the company is the first online energy broker to harness modern A.I. technologies and industry-specific data to provide each company an easier process and completely transparent experience – ultimately mitigating annual energy costs. EnergyBot is a transparent and accessible energy marketplace that enables businesses to shop for an energy plan for their business. EnergyBot is focused on reducing the chaos arising from energy plans, building a straightforward and easy-to-use online platform enabling the enterprises to own the process – necessary input information about their business and energy use.