Summary: The acquisition of Dry Creek Enterprises strengthens Exponential Power’s value in the reserve power market.

Fremont, CA

“The Exponential Power Stationary Service Team extends a hearty welcome to Dry Creek Enterprises and looks forward to providing high-quality work in a safe manner to all of their customers,” statesJake Walker, CEO Exponential Power. Exponential Power has acquired Dry Creek Enterprises, based in Bakersfield, California. The acquisition strengthens the company's position in the reserve power market and furthers its aim of delivering reliability, improving technology, and offering an unrivalled customer experience.

Dry Creek Enterprises was established in 1999 and immediately established a reputation for exceptional service and dedication to excellence. The company built a factory-trained service staff that served a range of places with important power demands, including power plants, refineries, emergency response systems, and off-grid backup systems, under prior leadership.

Exponential Power is a leading provider of stored power solutions, with clients in the energy services, utilities, industrial, telecommunications, data centre, motive power, and material-handling industries. Exponential Power is a problem-solving company that combines years of business knowledge with cutting-edge technology to offer the best, tailored solution for each client.

“The partnership is a great addition to Exponential Power,” says CEO Jake Walker, “The team brings a solid track record and unwavering passion for delivering exceptional service to the reserve power industry.” He added that the acquisition “expands our West Coast service presence and supplements our existing businesses extremely well, while aligning with our strategic vision.”