On-demand fuel supply program guarantees companies outstanding service, flexible price options, and reliable delivery.

FREMONT, CA: Mansfield Energy—providing innovative solutions for energy procurement, supply, and logistics challenges— launches Mansfield On Demand, the industry's easiest and newest fuel purchasing program. Mansfield On Demand delivers a flexible, competitive supply for customers of all sizes.

Mansfield On Demand balances fuel supply reliability and competitive pricing, enabling companies to operate effectively while lowering fuel program costs. It also provides a scalable method to purchase fuel without a contract, anywhere across the United States and Canada. The platform is a no-obligation fuel program, guaranteeing outstanding service, flexible price options, and reliable delivery from any of Mansfield's 900 supply points.

The latest program allows customers to buy spot supply with the backing of Mansfield's three billion gallons of purchasing power. Customers can log in, see the daily price, and place a delivery for any site. It is just a flexible, reliable fuel supply program with a professional support team providing best-in-class customer service. Blending contract and non-contract supply ensure companies maintain supply security while taking advantage of daily market dynamics. Mansfield On Demand helps customers take advantage of market opportunities. By using this platform, companies can maintain daily market intelligence while working with the largest delivered fuel supplier to find a low-cost supply for every location.

Mansfield Energy is a trusted partner for companies and government agencies providing reliable fuel supply, logistics, additives, and strategic solutions. The company delivers a broad range of solutions, including fuels, natural gas, and energy price, and data management services. Mansfield's team is committed to its customers' success, abiding by six core principles, including Integrity, Excellence, Conscientiousness, Innovation, Teamwork, and Personal Service. Mansfield currently supports over 6,000 customers in 18,000 locations, offering transportation and facilities energy from petroleum products, CNG, renewable fuels, DEF, specialty additives, facilities services, fleet cards, LTL, mobile fueling, technology platforms, and other advanced solutions.