With increased cyber threats every day, the energy industry needs to adopt AI-powered digital technology solutions.

Fremont, CA: Every industry is vulnerable to cyberattacks, and the Energy industry is no exception. Digital transformation is a necessity for the Energy industry. There are more significant threats posed to the energy industry because of the high use of connected devices. AI and ML can help to optimize and enhance cybersecurity for oil and gas companies. It is vital to introduce the cybersecurity process with AI and ML programs to the energy industry.

AI is transforming the Energy industry in five ways:

Necessitating digital technology

The energy industry needs to adapt to the changes following digitization. With the Covid-19 pandemic, companies are forced to work remotely. It isn't easy to manage business operations collectively in a remote setting. Thus, it becomes necessary for companies to adopt digital technology and AI to streamline their operations.

Data analyzation

Cybersecurity risks increase as the energy industry digitalizes. Companies are adopting digital technology solutions for enhanced operation and security. AI collects and analyses the data for deep insights, better decision making, threat detection and enhanced profits.

Risk management tools

Digital transformation strategies enhance cybersecurity. The energy industry now uses risk management tools to identify potential threats. Companies have strict policies in their cybersecurity risk framework, and projects and systems are designed according to it. AI and ML-powered risk management tools improve cybersecurity and help the company stay one step ahead of the attacker.

Increased monitoring

AI is optimizing and safeguarding energy assets and IT networks with improved monitoring. Advanced digital applications in operations of the energy industry are helping to increase efficiency and security by identifying machine-speed threats amid the difficulties of continuously digitalizing operating environments.

Third-party cybersecurity

Many companies have insufficient funds and resources to meet cybersecurity challenges. All cybersecurity needs cannot be fulfilled inside an organization. Thus, companies can partner with cybersecurity providers who work closely to detect and prevent cybersecurity threats. A company's employees cannot wholly focus on cybersecurity as they have multiple tasks at hand. A cybersecurity provider's job is only to safeguard the company from any threats, making it a good option for companies looking out for improved cybersecurity.

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