Green energy company Bitech reveals the appointment of their new member of the Board of Directors, Gregory Trimarche.

Freemont, CA: "We welcome Greg Trimarche in joining our Board of Directors to help identify new green energy technologies and evaluate suitable acquisition targets or licensing opportunities for our company," stated Dr. Benjamin Tran, CEO of Bitech. "Greg has a wealth of experience in the area of energy storage, smart grid, building energy management system, electric vehicle and related infrastructure which are our technological focus."

Bitech, one of the global green technology solution providers, reveals the new addition of Mr. Greg Trimarche to their Board of Directors.

Bitech aims to further global sustainability goals through its initiatives in contributing their green energy solutions that focuses in data centers and other renewable energy initiatives.

Trimarche brings to Bitech his experience of 30 years in environmental and energy law, finance, general commercial litigation, intellectual property, and strategic planning and risk avoidance.

Trimarche's experience also covers federal and state energy and environmental regulatory programs and the various government incentive programs relevant to the energy and utility industries.

"I look forward to working actively with a very dynamic management team at Bitech where I believe I can contribute with industry, technical and competitive analysis as well as strategic decisions on new investments or partnerships to create more value to its shareholders," commented new Board Member Greg Trimarche.

Trimarche is a frequent speaker at conferences related to the cleantech industry, having served as a board member of the technology networking organization OCTANe.