3D printed panels offer an opportunity for the utility stakeholders to maximize the solar energy outputs.

FREMONT, CA: Green energies are the most viable alternative for today’s energy scarcity. As fossil fuel reserves are depleting, the world is witnessing the development of wind turbines, electric cars, and solar panels. But many of these innovations are expensive and need improvement. In the above context, 3D printed solar panels are being designed to make the most out of the sun, a perennial resource. 

3D printed solar panels are modules that utilize solar power to create heat or electricity. The efficiency and quality of traditional solar panels must be improved, and that is why technologists are focusing on developing great 3D printed solar panels. Conventional solar panels need solar cells, a specific device originally manufactured with expensive materials to convert light into electricity. Designing a new solar panel, using new materials with a unique set of technical properties, requires numerous tests and prototypes. Such projects need to get clearance, and developers should design suitable miniatures to depict the whole project to investors or future customers. 3D printing could be a key incorporation here because it will aid product developers in designing high-quality prototypes that will allow them to perform all the iterations.

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Researchers are claiming that the production price of solar panels could be reduced by over fifty percent through additive manufacturing. For 3D printed solar panels, expensive compounds such as glass, polysilicon, and indium are not needed. What makes 3D printed solar panels an achievable project is the chance to print solar panels, which are more affordable when compared to the conventional glass panels. 3D printed panels are also lighter as the manufacturing techniques are devised to print ultra-thin solar strips. Due to reduced weight, 3D printed panels also reduce the difficulties associated to their transport. As 3D printed solar panels are getting more affordable, it is emerging as a key solution to make renewable energy available for anyone and transportable anywhere.

 The solar energy, as well as the 3D printing industry, demonstrates the potential to transform the future. The advancements of the above-mentioned aspects could clearly kick start the evolution of a lot of affordable green energy projects to counter climate change.