Armed with advanced asset management capabilities, the nuclear power industry can be smarter about how plants are built and operated, maximizing safety, and increasing security.    

FREMONT, CA: With the world’s nuclear power plants approaching their natural lifespans, and forces inhibiting new construction, active asset management in existing plants offers a viable solution for increasing plant longevity. The growing interest in improving the efficiency of a nuclear power plant and its competitiveness in the market requires a relevant nuclear asset management strategy. Because of the complex nature of nuclear power plant operations, asset management strategies are also inherently complicated.

The inspiration for developing a more comprehensive asset management plan can be drawn from the need for extensive knowledge management combined with the regulatory realm of the nuclear plant operator. Regulatory requirements demand a scheduled maintenance strategy, which should be integrated into the asset maintenance program to maximize safety and minimize cost. However, this is considered the bare minimum.

The physical design of a new nuclear power station follows an established process, which includes the instrumentation and control and automation systems. Physical plant design involves the architect engineering firm, the reactor and sub-system vendors, the automation system supplier, project managers, construction managers, and many more. This helps to build out a digital data platform. Asset management integrates the data from physical assets with the digital elements. 

Today’s nuclear power plants need solutions that will support the maintenance of interconnected and intelligent assets that make up the vast nuclear infrastructure. Smarter asset, life-cycle management can only support these converged assets, and it will help all business processes, from the design and building of nuclear plants to the operation and maintenance of plants. By working closely with solution providers in the industry, nuclear power organizations can break down operational and organizational asset management silos.

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